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Nuisance order locks up Cell

hello i am that really fat dj.where do i start,well first off i thank everyone who is writing in good or bad.i would like to take the time to set the record straight.we do not serve to the person who called me a really fat dj.that jus goes to show your ignorance as a human being.if you were there and a fight happened i apologize that an idiot ruined your for the person that said someone approached them to by x,i find that very hard to believe that they jus picked you not once but twice,cmon dude are you kidding say that we do not check ids,you are wrong.we have two bouncers at the door and we do check all for the person who said that djing is not a real job.djs in this world make good money,some make very good money.i do love djing it is my passion and i turned it into my proffesion.because you do not agree with it doesnt give you the right to pass judgement.i love what i do and i really dont care what anybody thinks about to the person who said that music lover must be my mommy,you are an idiot and then you apperently do not know me,my mother passed away from cancer when i was find another for the ones that supprt the cell like bluedevil,scrooge,musiclover,i have no idea who you are but i thank you for the kind words i do appreciate them and they mean to the person who says im trying to save a town by spinning them a song you are an idiot and sound like one for even making a comment that is so stupid.i do support this town,i support all the teams of this town,i support our police to the people that dont agree with someone coming to a bar all the time,are they affecting you in any way because they go there 2,3,4 times a week.who are you to pass judgement on what these people do.if they are happy and having a good time thats there we say anything about how you stay home and write into blogs all day because you have no life no we dont thats what you i do not scratch at the cell because no one down there really cares about it and i have no room for turntables down there,so you might be really surprised what i can do on turntables but thats because you dont know me and jus want to make comments,if you do not like it there dont come very to the people that support what i do,thank you very much,yes i hope we reopen and im sure that we will.we will be going to 21 and over.i dont care wether you like me or not,it doesnt matter to me.i love what i do always have and always will.some of your comments are ridiculous,and comes from not knowing us or you are just plain miserable.thank you for taking the time to read this.i hope to change your mind but if not oh well life goes on.

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