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Cordray renominated to position

This appointment has been ruled illegal by the court. Obama violated the constitution when he made it. Pretty sloppy for a "Constitutional Scholar" like the president is refered to as.

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Public pensions a travesty

Mr.De Sousa is not often as right as he is on this subject. Not all public employees are parasites but the majority is what gives them that reputation. I think the hard working public workers who are doing their job and recieving a just compensation for it should yell as loud as the private sector workers who are paying the bill. Really they should yell louder because they know who is taking advantage of the system and if they don't speak up they are just as guilty. The only solution is to serve one term and then go back to work for a living and when one retires they can not work in the trade they retired from. The teamsters have have had this rule for many years. As long as the folks allow this and support the crooks in public office today nothing will change. Politics as a career is a recipe for corruption. Harry Reid's son lobbies congress. This is just one of hundreds of relatives of congressmen and senators who lobby for federal funds. Does anyone think they are hired for their lobbying skills?????

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Owner, Trumbull County official question state environmental action

If this happened in Y-Town I would say the person should have known better but Kinsman is far enough away from the Mahoning Valley to expect common sense to prevail. Just another case of over paid under worked government employees with their head making it impossible to deficate!

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David J. Venerose Jr. admits passing bad rent checks and lying in probate court

I feel that this crook has enough friends in high places to get this deal. It is typical of Mahoning Valley revolving door justice.This won't change as long as the valley remains a single party haven!

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Mahoning Children Services faces money shortfall

It is hard to understand why people are placed on administrative leave and shortly after retire with high praise and a hefty check and the public gets no explaination whatsoever.Could it be that if the person leaving was held accountable they would expose their fellow employees?

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Conservative talking heads accuse Clinton of ‘clot plot’

If the administration didn't have such a record of ducking and dodging any responsability for events the public might not be so suspicous.

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Youngstown school system hangs in balance this year

We need to give the teachers in Y-Town a raise. Babysitting in this town rates combat pay!

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Youngstown’s homicide rate is stable, but still far too high

No one notes that when the homicide rate was double some years ago so was the city population. Per capita we are still on course.

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Sammarone won’t run for Youngstown mayor

I am a "Anyone but Hagan" person. He has done more to keep the Mahoning Valley the place they insert the tube when the state needs an enema than all of the other hacks the single party system this area endorses have alowed to dip their snouts in the golden taxpayer filled trough.Please just pray that he takes the well funded retirement his double job career has given him and hangs out at the downtown watering holes telling folks how he saved the valley with a little help from Timmy Ryan.

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Hang up before you fill up

Like the letter writer I see these things often. I also collect Social security and a pension from my job.Perhaps someone should explain to dmaker the difference between a pension earned by years of work and social security paid from a persons wages and entitlements given to a person just for existing. He doesn't seem to understand the difference between earned and granted!

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