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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

Mooney93, what do you do that you have so much free time to post endlessly on the same topic you have been for the past 6-8 weeks?
Why can't you just give it a rest? No one actually gives a crap about the "unfairness" that CMHS and UHS have in "recruiting" players. From what I remember, I attended St. Rose in Girard and only had two options back in the late 80s, Girard HS or Ursuline HS. I was a football player. My father and grandfather were both graduates of UHS. My family had enough money to send me to Ursuline for a year and then my grandfather passed away. I didn't feel like attending UHS after that, so I transferred to GHS and just about repeated my classes all over again. The education that I received at UHS was top notch and I'm sure that the education that you received at CMHS was also. With the economy the way it is, I don't fault the system when these kids find a way to make it to these schools. As a parent, if I don't have enough money to send my kids to a private school and someone contacts me and wants to help me get my kids into a school with a better education system than the public schools, I'm not going to turn them away. I'm pretty sure that 95% of parents would feel the same way.

Go Cards!!

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

Blah...blah...blah. Same old arguement, just a different week.


Graduated from Girard and attended Ursuline for one year also. I'm glad to see the valley has 2 teams that they can support. If you think the OHSAA has issues with private versus public schools, take a look at the FHSAA football playoffs. Private/parochial schools make up a much larger number of playoff teams than the public schools.

All those people complaining about recruiting, boosters helping to pay tuition, talent being too good, etc., just shut the heck up and cheer on these young men. I only hope that none of these young men read the posts of everyone that is pessimistic about these two great teams making it to the state finals.

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Ursuline advances to state semifinals

GO Irish!! Former student here and proud of both of the valley teams making it as far as they have. I will continue to pull for both teams.

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Ursuline rises over Heights

Here we go again!! Mooney1993, just STFU!! I am so tired of seeing you post every day. Do you have a job?? Support the valley teams or just shut it!! Don't come on here crying and whining about "the system isn't fair". No one wants to sit here and debate the same old stuff week in and week out. Just save your posts and post them every week regarding basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, and every other high school sport. If you are so against the system now, why don't you run for an OHSAA director position?

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I guess those public schools did pretty good this weekend. No Iggy or Xavier left in Division I. Only 12 private/parochial schools left out of 48. 25%
None in Division I. BIG SURPRISE THERE!!!!

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Mooney leaves little doubt

Hey Mooney, where are your St. Ignatius football GODS now? Or St. Xavier or Moeller? How many parochial teams are left now besides Mooney and Ursuline?


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McSuley sees similarities in Woodridge


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Ten area teams remain in OHSAA playoffs


Support your local teams even if you don't agree with the current playoff system. That's what I say.

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Ten area teams remain in OHSAA playoffs

There are only two other states that have separate private and non-private championships, New Jersey and Mississippi. The other states are the same as Ohio and it doesn't seem like everyone in the country is crying about it. It's not going to change anytime soon. I'm sure Mooney1993 has the same arguement with people every single year now. It gets old and it's not going to change. As TheY said earlier, maybe Mooney1993 should put together some kind of presentation with costs and pros and cons of putting the non-private schools separate from the private schools. Make sure you include the rest of the high school sports too, so you don't discriminate against the other sports.

ENOUGH ALREADY!!! SHUT UP and let the kids play!!!

GO all valley teams!!!

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Ten area teams remain in OHSAA playoffs

Enough of the Ursuline being in Division 5. If you don't like it, write your congressman or state senator and whine to them that the parochial schools are recruiting and deserve to have their own state championship playoffs. SHEESH!!! It's not going to change anytime soon people!!
Good luck to the remaining valley teams this week. Think there will be 5 left standing after this week. Just a feeling.


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