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Poland district resists closing an elementary school

To begin with "Real Truth" kindergarten is spelled with a t, not a d.

Are you implying that a kindergarten teacher with a master's degree and 25 years of experience should not be paid at the same rate as a high school science teacher with the same resume is paid? Are you aware what a kindergarten teacher is responsible for these days? If not, I'm certain you could volunteer an hour of your time to any teacher and learn for yourself. If by chance you take the challenge and you find that you can keep the attention of 20 5 and 6 year olds for hours on end and instruct them on the various standards mandated by the state of Ohio, then perhaps you too can go to college and become a teacher. But I have to warn you...those 7 1/2 hour days, 5 days a week that teachers supposedly's just a ploy to get people interested in the profession. 7 1/2 hours per day is the time teachers are mandated to be in front of the students, teaching. Teachers work 3-5 hours longer each day. Weekends off? No, teachers work at home grading papers, preparing lessons and materials. Summers off? No, teachers attend graduate school and workshops. Yes, some work second jobs in order to pay for graduate classes (classes mandated now by the state of Ohio). By the way the cost of graduate school comes out of teachers' pockets along with the materials they use in the classroom.
Please stop using teachers' salaries to justify voting "no" on school levies. The fact of the matter is you just don't want or can't afford more taxes, that's fine, and understandable. Remember however, some of our finest communities in this valley are not passing levies and their property values are declining quickly. Pay now, or pay later.

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Canfield board: No school levy on March ballot

Really? Higher property value is a reflection of...police protection? How would you explain the high property value of the homes in Canfield Township? Canfield Township does not have a police force, the property owners rely on the Mahoning County sheriffs, who do a great job but are extremely limited in the amount of patrol cars and officers on patrol. Yes, property values increase in low crime areas but the schools are an important component also. Just ask anyone new to Canfield why they chose Canfield to live in. I have spoken to many and the number one reason is the schools. The school staff in Canfield according to the Vindicator has taken pay freezes, is paying more into their retirement accounts and insurance policies. They are doing more with less.

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Canfield board: No school levy on March ballot

Continue to vote no and continue to watch the value of your house plummet. Continue to vote no and watch the for sale signs in your neighborhood crop up. Continue to vote no and see what will be left of the schools in Canfield. Continue to vote no, no, no while other communities vote yes watch their towns grow. Oh wait! You can't vote no any more because....a new levy is not going on the ballot. The school board heard you all,,,, loud and clear! Now you will have to wait to see what will be cut next. How very sad, how very, very sad.

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Canfield school board seeks 4.9-mill levy

I feel the Canfield Board of Education HAS listened to the community concerns. The comment above by "Youngstown615" lists many "must haves" in order to vote for the next levy. Believe it or not...many of your suggestions have already been taken.
1. No raises...the teachers have taken a lateral and vertical wage free for the next three years. That means, no steps, and no raises for additional education degrees earned.
2. Increase class size. Yes, that has been done too. Between the two elementary schools, there are 9 classes of every grade, 1-4. This year there will be 8 classes of every grade. From k to 12 the public will see larger classes.
3. Pay to play. Even with the additional 4.8 levy, pay to play will continue.
4. Mac Computers? No, Canfield has not bought new computers since 1994. Instead, Canfield buys used computers from other school districts like Campbell who have a bigger tech budgets due to the money they receive from the state because they are an economically disadvantaged district.
5. Busing to St.Christine School...sorry, Canfield by law must do that. However, all elementary and m.s...public and private school students residing in the Canfield School District will be walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop this year. High school students will have to drive or be driven to school daily. This will continue even if the new levy is passed.

Yes, even with all the changes, (and there are many more) Canfield still needs additional funds to continue to operate. Canfield seniors despite it all, still earned over 9.5 million dollars last year in college scholarships. Canfield schools have a 98%-100% graduation rate each year.
Despite the fact that only two of the schools have air conditioning, the computers that students used daily to do the most incredible projects may have been first used in another district, and teachers continually dig into their pockets to provide the extras for their students I would not send my children to any other school district in Ohio. Canfield Schools are second to none! Perhaps there is a nut in the high school, but he's our nut and a very good teacher. Every family has one. Go figure!

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Times are changing in Canfield

Please do not think that Mr. Madison's views are those of all the teachers and staff members of Canfield Local! Over sixty percent of all the Canfield teachers, live in Canfield. They truly understand the financial hardships of the citizens of Canfield Schools. Some of their spouses and neighbors have lost their jobs. They know. They understand. The staff members harbor no ill feelings towards those who cannot afford one more tax levy. Remember, the teachers pay taxes too. They understand and are doing more with less at home and in the classrooms. They are the ones who continually spend their own money weekly on classroom supplies and "extras" for their students.
And by the way, take a ride through any school parking lot. Look at the cars. Perhaps you will not see rusty cars but you will see teachers driving cars 10-15 years old. Be careful though, mixed among the teachers' cars are the cars of the students and the students' parents!
Ask to visit any teachers' lounge too and find out how many teachers A. are sitting in there and B. are drinking lattes. You may be very surprised as to how many teachers even use the lounges! There is no "down time" in a teachers' day any more and certainly no one can waste a minute...lounging!
But thankfully, no teacher, I believe is wearing the same suit twice a week! So I guess you could say teachers are progressing!

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Youngstown City schools add two new administrators

Ahhhh. Doug Hiscox was "released" from his contract with Youngstown City Schools in 1992 for lying about his residency. At that time (and perhaps still) Youngstown City Schools had a rule that said administrators had to live in the city. Mr. Hiscox said he did, Youngstown City School's found he did not, and he was "released" from his contract. Now, they have rehired him? Really?

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16 of 70 students could fail 1st grade

Let's begin this conversation with some facts. I suggest you go to the ODE website and look at the KRA-L scores for all the districts in Ohio. The KRA-L is the test given to each and every Ohio public school kindergarten student in September. The top score is 29. Look and see what the children in Youngstown as an average scored. Compare it to the scores in the other districts. Now you know where the teachers in Youngstown began their work last September. Many of the children in Youngstown arrive with limited pre-kindergarten skills. The teachers must start at the beginning and teach the Ohio Standards. If a child is functioning at a three year old level, that's where the teacher must start. Do you think that even with 15 students in a class that a teacher can show 3 years growth in 9 months? Only if she has a magic wand. Let's give our teachers a break. They have identified the at-risk children in their schools and will design programs to meet their needs throughout the summer and into the next school year. Kindergarten is no longer a place to play. Check the ODE website to see all that a kindergarten student must learn before advancing to first grade. You may (or may not) be amazed.

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