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4 bedroom, 3 bath


4 bedroom, 4 bath


4 bedroom, 3 bath

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Should people be required to show photo IDs for their votes to count?

1691 total votes


1cambridge(3406 comments)posted 3 years ago

The question should have been: Are the repiblicans spending millions to suppress the Democratic vote. That answer would be yes.

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2DSquared(1520 comments)posted 3 years ago

Vote early, Vote often, Vote democrat of course.

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3whitesabbath(738 comments)posted 3 years ago

Not only photo Id's but warrant checks while you have them within custody.

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4paulydel(1477 comments)posted 3 years ago

Cambbridge you should have your head examined to see if you have a brain. Whats wrong with having to prove who you are or do like cheating because you do it yourself? If we want open and honest elections then lets do it right. there is no excuse not to have an ID. If you can get a ride to the grocery store or liquor store where you have to show an ID if asked then they can get a ride to get an ID.

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5endthismess(407 comments)posted 3 years ago

AGREE with all of the above EXCEPT....for the always negative.... vinytalk....who is beyond miserable....poor thing.

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6NoBS(2271 comments)posted 3 years ago

News Flash: We show a photo ID NOW in order to vote! I've voted at the same polling place, with the same workers - who are neighbors I know and talk to all the time - for two decades, and I still have to show them my driver's license so I can vote.

If we let anyone in, without any proof they're who they say they are and live where they say they live, we're inviting election fraud. Think about all the dishonest, unethical politicians out there. Do you really think none of them would get or pay someone to vote for them several times, if they could? I think the rules for voting should be tighter, not looser.

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7jojuggie(1608 comments)posted 3 years ago

I have been doing business with a bank down here since 1995, and all of the tellers know me & are very familiar with me, but when I cash a check, I must show them my drivers license. Company policy.

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8mrblue(1140 comments)posted 3 years ago

You need a photo ID for a library card so what is the big deal? Maybe, just maybe, it will stop some of the voter fraud.

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9doubled(210 comments)posted 3 years ago

The commenters on here make me sick. What a bunch of cowards and liars. You're the worst kind of Americans. You cloak yourself in the Constitution and then work to undermine the Constitutional rights of your fellow Americans. You say that you need a photo id to get a job, you say that you need a photo id to drive, you say you need a photo id to fly on a plane...I say that you're right. But I also say that good men never went to war and gave their lives to protect your right to work, drive, or fly. But they did go to protect your rights to vote. I don't care who you vote for. I do care when cowards hide behind lies of voter fraud in order to suppress the rights of my fellow countrymen. I wouldn't have any problem taking up arms against the likes of you. To me, you're no different than the Taliban over in the desert -- except here you have a colorful flag to hide behind so people don't know what you're really all about. I'm assuming that most of you are tea party or GOP- and you're probably in your 50 and 60s...What a joke you are. You're fathers were forces of nature. They fought for this country and won. You're generation has done nothing for this country to be proud of. You lost in Vietnam b/c you're soft, selfish, and weak willed. And you still are today. Your fathers would be ashamed of you. I know I am.

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10borylie(895 comments)posted 3 years ago

I wonder if all absentee ballots will be filled out by the registered voter? Will they be coached? Can the absentee ballot be bought,let's say for a carton of cigarettes? Can the absentee ballots be gathered or sent to a place where they are filled out by one party or the other? Will senior citizens with dementia or people with severe mental problems be filling out their own ballots? Regardless of what party or if both would perpetuate these scenarios,the possibilities definitely exist and was not the reason why there was absentee ballots to begin with. Let's get as many people to the polls as we can,with proper ID's

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11cambridge(3406 comments)posted 3 years ago

Both Oregon and Washington state vote absentee ballot only, there are no polling places in either state. I have voted absentee so long i don't remember the last time I went to a polling place.

There have been many studies and the results are that there is NO voter fraud problem in this country, that is until the teabagger/republicans began their quest to suppress the Democratic vote.


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12Jerry(681 comments)posted 3 years ago

RE doubled: ------"I wouldn't have any problem taking up arms against the likes of you.".........

Another fine example of the "civil discourse" coming from the "progressive" left.

Who is threatening to suppress who????

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13DSquared(1520 comments)posted 3 years ago

Those darn Tea Party People only want us to vote once in an election. What's up wit that?

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14TylerDurden(367 comments)posted 3 years ago

"You lost in Vietnam b/c you're soft, selfish, and weak willed. And you still are today. Your fathers would be ashamed of you. I know I am."

You pig. Why don't you write your name and address if you are so big on disclosure. You have no fellow countrymen, because only a pig would call drafted soldiers who had no choice or control over Vietnam, cowards.

You are behind taking up arms against fellow Americans?

You talk about good men going to war to protect the right to vote and then call the same men cowards, selfish, and weak?

Put a name behind your comments pig.

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15doubled(210 comments)posted 3 years ago

Let's get something straight tough guy tyler --- I never called anyone a coward. the draft dodgers were cowards. If you went, then you're not a coward. But that doesn't mean you did it right. Because you didn't. You lost. And I don't care if you were drafted or signed up -- you're from a generation that is made up of selfish whiners -- and you sure complain a lot too. And as far as taking up arms against my fellow Americans - let me say it very clearly -- I wouldn't hesitate for even one second if called upon to defend our Constitution against its enemies - foreign or domestic -- and I would happily grab my weapon in order to do so -- you little freakin sissy. You hide behind a label of "patriotism" and "freedom" and then you do exactly what the dictators do - suppress people's right to representation. You call yourself an American - I say that when you go that route, you are NOTHING. I would never -- NEVER - apologize to anyone who conjures up an issue of voter fraud in order to suppress Americans right to vote. Dig it, tough guy.

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16doubled(210 comments)posted 3 years ago

You said it yourself durdin -- I never called service members cowards -- weak willed, soft, and selfish, yes. Not cowards.

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17paulydel(1477 comments)posted 3 years ago

When called to duty you do what you have to do without question. Our only mistake and we do it every time is not do the job and kick their butts and get out. As to the issue of voting as a lifelong Democrat it doesn't make any difference who you are you show an ID to prove who you are. No one should be apposed to that. When you have dead people voting thats wrong. The excuse that it picks on the poor is BS because if you can find a ride to the grocery store or liquor store you can find a ride to get an ID.

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18doubled(210 comments)posted 3 years ago

knight -- you're ability to cash a check isn't something guranteed to US Citizens under the US Constitution. I'm sure you're all for limited government intervention in everything - except for voting rights, contraception, and abortion. With that stuff you're just fine with the government sticking their nose in and suppressing our rights -- like I said before -- you're one of the cowards. Because of how you and your tea party has acted over the last 2 years, when we vote you out of office, we will continue to punish you at every turn. We won't forget the treason you've imposed on the rest of America. You know the rest of America, don't you?? It's the 70% of the population that dislikes the tea party and blames them for the do-nothing government we have in place. Yeah, it's gonna come right back at you.

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19Broncoace67(13 comments)posted 3 years ago

People should have to prove who they are to vote. But as we all know this is an effort by the Republicans to discourage voter turnout. In return people should also be able to vote online. There has to be a company with the ability to make online voting secure and valid. If not, offer up some free government money to the first one who can. The decisions made and people elected should be picked by every single eligible person in the country. There would never be another Republican elected.

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20NoBS(2271 comments)posted 3 years ago

Doubled - you need to inform yourself. Driving, getting a job, and flying are not rights. They are privileges. Get your information straight.
" your right to work, drive, or fly. " from your post (#11)

From that same post: " I wouldn't have any problem taking up arms against the likes of you. " So you're OK with murdering American citizens. You're a traitor. You don't have the maturity to deal with someone whose viewpoint you oppose, so you want to kill them, in cold blood. What a guy.

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21BabaGhanoush(106 comments)posted 3 years ago

"Are the repiblicans spending millions to suppress the Democratic vote."

Explain once again how it is "suppressing" the vote?

Don't you need a photo ID to buy your six-pack and pretzels?
How bout when you write a check?
Or maybe when you enter the Courthouse?
How bout when you sign a lease?
Or when you start a new job?

How bout when you board a plane
Or when you receive public benefits?

How bout when you join a gym?
Or when you get a library card?

All of these and many more require a photo ID,
why are you exempting voting, eh?

Who are you trying to protect?

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22BabaGhanoush(106 comments)posted 3 years ago

"There would never be another Republican elected."

If cheating was made legal.

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23BabaGhanoush(106 comments)posted 3 years ago

" Because they hate the union and GM"

How about we are exercising our Right to Choose, eh?
We choose to support those Americans that make cars outside of Detroit.

You choose your cars, we'll choose ours.

By the way that Cruze you keep raving about, it was designed and engineered by the Koreans.
Daewoo to be precise. Daewoo Lacetti Premiere.


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24BabaGhanoush(106 comments)posted 3 years ago

"Because of how you and your tea party has acted over the last 2 years,"

The Tea Party was voted into office precisely because of how you democrats behaved yourselves during the four before that.

"when we vote you out of office, "

You how you voted us out in 2010 and the recent elections and primaries?

"we will continue to punish you at every turn."

You sound like the guys that call the Ron Verbose show and tell him how they are going to inflict physical damage to the Tea Party.

"We won't forget the treason you've imposed on the rest of America."

Treason?!? Punishable by execution?
Hanging? Firing Squad? or Maybe Lethal Injection?

How about most likely forced to read your comments every time we come here?

Reading the comments at the NYTIMES is considered Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

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25cambridge(3406 comments)posted 3 years ago

babadouche.....here is the explaination again.


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26jojuggie(1608 comments)posted 3 years ago

1. You're using a very liberal NBC channel.

2. Your link uses the word infinitesimal which means infinitely small. Down here, in a primary there was a tie, something like 6708 for each candidate.

3.If a million votes are cast that infinitesimal amount could be 100 votes. Many candidates have lost by a lesser margin.

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27jojuggie(1608 comments)posted 3 years ago

On the 6 PM news tonight, it was stated that 1400 felons have voted, in the Tampa area, in recent elections. Felons cannot vote in the state of Florida until they go thru a process to restore their rights.

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28DSquared(1520 comments)posted 3 years ago

7 out of 10 GM vehicles are manufactured OUTSIDE of the USA. So much for supporting an "American" Company.

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29VINDYAK(1824 comments)posted 3 years ago

Showing your ID is necessary to prove who you declare you are. In years past, others have gone in to vote for friends and relatives without their knowledge or permission. They have even traveled to other cites to vote and they have voted more than once. I know many people who do not vote, so who is to say someone else does not go in and "vote" for them? If we need to show a photo ID to cash a check (even one for $20), then we should be required to show an ID to be able to vote. We just can't trust other people around us anymore. Identity theft is everywhere today, but this kind is one of the worst, as it undermines and threatens democracy as written and promised by our founding fathers.

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30eighttangomike(2 comments)posted 3 years ago

In response to the comments made by "Doubled".
If you are a Vietnam Veteran, you will appreciate and understand this video presentation by Marine General George Zinni. If not, you will never understand us and what we went through, and how we lived our lives since. Watching this short video might give you some insight, and appreciation, as to who we really are and were.
Remember, all Branches of the Military served and died in Vietnam. Unfortunately, only 1 in 3 of those who served in the war zone are alive today.


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31doubled(210 comments)posted 3 years ago

To eight -- I apologize for the comments about the vietnam Veterans. My frustration got the best of me and I was wrong. I realize that the leaders of the country didn't give you brave men and women who answered the call a solid opportunity to win that war outright. However, all my other comments regarding the tea party and the selfishness of the boomer generation as a whole -- stand. And I still wouldn't hesitate to answer the call to defend my Constitution from enemies within, who are trying so desperately to undermine the rights of their fellow citizens. All because they perceive them as being "different".

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32eighttangomike(2 comments)posted 3 years ago

Thank You.
I appreciate your comment regarding your misguidance relating to the Vietnam Veterans. You are a true gentleman in my book.
I hope you were able to open and view the video of General Zinni's speech. It was forwarded to me by an old Navy shipmate a few months ago. My intial reaction was one of tremendous relief. My thought was this was a long time coming, and perhaps the Vietnam Vets will finally get the recognition they deserve. His comparison to the "Greatest Generation" was very compelling.
I served in the early years of this war (out in 1967) with a Carrier Air Group patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin , and had three squares each day and clean sheets every night. The guys on the ground never had it quite so easy. They were the true heros of this war, going through hell every day.
What really shocks me, at the age of 71 and being a participant in the early part of this conflict, is the fact that only 1 in 3 of the veterans survive today. What a toll this has taken on the participants. I pray that all of the citizens who turned their backs on these men and women after this conflict will finally recognize the value and service (both during and after the war ) to this country these veterans contributed.
Google Marine Memorial Association General Zinni if the link doesn't work. Should be able to view video there.

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33jojuggie(1608 comments)posted 3 years ago

The poll results above should prove a point. Check them out.

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34VINDYAK(1824 comments)posted 3 years ago

It takes a big man to apologize.

I too am a Vietnam Vet...( Crew Chief, SP-5, 25th Inf. Div., Cu Chi 1967-68 ) and took offense to your sayings. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, but not everyone has the guts to apologize. Thank you for that. You have changed my opinion of you.

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35Westsider(252 comments)posted 3 years ago

You need a photo ID to do just about anything - why is voting any different? There is no reason everyone shouldn't have a photo ID.

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