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Do you support Obama’s health-care plan?

Yes 34%
No 65%
986 total votes


1 cambridge (2918 comments) posted 4 years, 1 month ago

I voted yes only because it's a step in the right direction but only a small one. Until we switch to a single payer not for profit health plan we will continue to be ripped off by insurance companies.

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2 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 4 years, 1 month ago

Socialists want to take over health-care. They can't even run a lemon-aide stand. God help us all!!!!

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3 cambridge (2918 comments) posted 4 years, 1 month ago

You see a lot of baseless hysterical comments like the ones in posts 2 &3 on this thread. You see them from the GOP, Fox News, teabaggers and the insurance industry propaganda machine via commercials.

I would rather list some rational reasons with information to back them up.

First of all when America sets their mind to it they do anything as well or better than any other country.

You can use France as an example. It might seem like a silly example, for centuries France made the best wine on the planet. Then only a few decades ago wine makers in the Napa Valley California started growing the same grapes and making the same wines and now they are the the award winners and the best in the world.

The same thing can happen with health care. If we started by just copying what France does our health care quality would rise and the cost would drop.

France is ranked #1 in the world by "The World Health Organization". We are ranked #37.


Franc is ranked #1 in "Preventable Deaths". We are ranked #14.


France is ranked #3 in "Healthy Life Expectancy". We are ranked #24.


France is ranked #4 in "Health Performance". We are ranked #72.


No French citizens file for bankruptcy as a result of medical bills. More than 60% of Americans that file for bankruptcy do so as a result of medical bills and many of those had health insurance but couldn't cover their co pays or payment was denied by their insurer.


France spends 10% of their GDP on health care and it is included in what they pay in taxes. We spend 17% of our GDP for health care in addition to what we pay in taxes.

If we started a not for profit single payer system exactly like what France has we would pay only 10% of our GDP for health care and it would be added to what we pay in taxes. No matter how you cut it, it's better health care for less money.


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4 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 4 years ago

Cambridge - why don't you just move to France - you will be happy and we will all be rid of you for once!!!!! Viva la France and your beloved Socialism!!!! Adios!!!!

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5 Ianacek (856 comments) posted 4 years ago

It WOULD make more sense to restructure the American health industry so it wasn't so darned expensive & inefficient by international standards

However, that appears to be politically impossible , so subsidies are the next best thing . Improved healthcare in a few years time will yeild an economic benefit to the whole community by improving the supply of healthy workers .

When people visit the USA from the rest of the world , the first thing they organise is health insurance & it generally costs them 2-3 times the premium they pay for travelling to other countries . Why? Because they could be bankrupted or dead if they were uninsured in America . For too long , America has been treating many of its own citizens in the same way .

As for France being an "unimportant power" ( USA1 ) . I venture to suggest that when Jay Williams was wooing V & M Starr , he probably didn't employ this type of language - otherwise V & M wouldn't be investing $650 million in its Valley plant . Actually , many of Youngstown's recent successes have involved engaging in a positive way with other states & countries . Could there be a lesson here ?

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6 cambridge (2918 comments) posted 4 years ago

There are 36 countries in the world who have health care rated better than America's. The reason I used France as a model to copy is because they are ranked number one. If another country was ranked number one I would have used that country as the model.

Rudy....The taxes you refer too in France have nothing to do with what the French pay for health care. They pay 10% of their GDP and we pay 17%. See if you can figure out which is more.

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7 cambridge (2918 comments) posted 4 years ago

;- (

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8 newsmaker1 (123 comments) posted 4 years ago

obama always has a enemy, in this instance, it the insurance co.'s. The truth is- if all the insurance co.'s profits were taken away, it would only provide 2 days of healthcare..There profits are a little over 3%.

Health care will be rationed and babies will now be killed and provided by tax payer dollars.

He needs to be impeached.

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9 Stan (9923 comments) posted 4 years ago



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10 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 4 years ago

Ah yes, November. When we can have our say. I can't wait. This administration is dirtier, sleazier, and downright un-American than anything I have ever seen in all my days. You have a house full of tax evaders, criminals and life long politicians that have never run anything in their lives. Never met a payroll. November can't come soon enough.

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11 Nunya (1356 comments) posted 4 years ago


You're an asset to the nation and a gem hailing from the area.

This measure makes more than mere good impact for the things it enforces even in compromised form.

See we have to realize the intent of those bought and paid for shills in legislative seats tried to obstruct everything.

So in a gradual manner of not settling in an all or nothing manner. The only reason the public option isn't implemented right now is because of the power of the financial grasp. That health care brokers have on an array of shill members in legislative branch.

Rest assure that too is going to be implemented just as soon as the democrats shed the Dixiecrat's whom presented internal obstruction.

Which like the childish party of No republicans those Dixiecats have been identified and will surely be voted out of office at earliest electoral opportunity.

You surely has these whatnot's in knots with their inability to counter a thing you've told them.

They're even developing a " Go to France " talking point and they have no idea what they're stammering about,.. they're HILARIOUS !!!

Stay true, stay smarter and I'm honored having you as my fellow American.

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12 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 4 years ago

We are already Socialists. This sealed the deal. Heir Hussein will soon be declaring himself King.

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13 Nunya22 (315 comments) posted 4 years ago

This is why online polls are no good I am able to come back and vote as many times as I want.

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14 Nunya22 (315 comments) posted 4 years ago

@USA1 The only poll I would say would be accurate would be a paper one with moderation.

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15 Nonsocialist (710 comments) posted 4 years ago

The destructive forces of socialism have defeated the freedomophiles and liberty-mongers amongst us....for now.

Nonetheless, the liberal lies such as the infamous WHO rankings must be corrected.

From the attached WSJ link:

"Philip Musgrove, the editor-in-chief of the WHO report that accompanied the rankings, calls the figures that resulted from this step "so many made-up numbers," and the result a "nonsense ranking." Dr. Musgrove, an economist who is now deputy editor of the journal Health Affairs, says he was hired to edit the report's text but didn't fully understand the methodology until after the report was released. After he left the WHO, he wrote an article in 2003 for the medical journal Lancet criticizing the rankings as "meaningless."


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