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Should YSU replace Jon Heacock as head football coach?

637 total votes


1Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

The Penguins once dominated 1AA football, defeated teams (Marshall, Boise State) now in the BCS as well as BCS teams in the MAC. The Penguins rise to 1A/BCS seemed a matter of time. The stadium was packed at times to national television audiences.

Now, in the Heacock era, no national championships, one playoff season in nine, a '08/'09 combined record of 8-13, attendence fit for a division 3 school, and a fan movement to boycott Saturday's game.

I agree with the 73% of fans who voted here for coaching replacement, and it should occur now. I'll take it a step further. Heacock's contract was renewed after a combined record in '03/'04 of 9-14. This decision doomed the Penguins for the remainder of this decade and likely beyond as it will take years to rebuild. The AD should be held accountable for this decision that was costly to the University and community. Revenue was lost to the University and businesses that cater to fans who attend the games. Perhaps restoration of the Penguins place as a dominant program will require a comprehensive renewal of the Athletic department.

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2nubs(4 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

I could not agree with the Nonsocialist more. Well put. The direction this program was going in the Tressel years this team would be in the MAC by now. As a proud alumni it truly saddens me.

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3UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

Heacock needs to go. YSU has slipped so far backwards that it will take many years for a new coach to rebuild a winning prigram that Tressel left him. Why he hasn't been fired years ago says YSU leadership doesn't care about football?

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4alpheusiam(64 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

Part 1
Of course we should tell all the players every game that it’s senior day, many of the fans have abandoned you, the stadium is virtually empty except for “THE REAL FANS”, the coach is getting fired if you lose, they want Strollo’s head, and let’s win this one for the gipper! And all would be well at the Ice Castle! They achieved because they were finally motivated and had nothing to lose. Where was this all season? Championships are won with achievement but with over achievement. But that was a team they should beat no matter and so was SDSU and Missouri State.
That this sickening saga continues is proof that Ron Strollo is the main problem with YSU football and sports in general. If Heacock wins the last game and has a winning season I bet they do nothing, because by that time it will be too late for a new staff to get a heads up for next season. Next years players should be playing now! The New AD and Coach should be in place now.
The real reason for Strollo's power is the big game big paycheck. His devices have brought a lot of money to YSU athletics. Pitt, Penn State, OSU, and Michigan State more then pay for his Athletic stupidity. Name one good thing the big game and money have done for this football team? In fact there is a direct correlation to the destruction of this team and the demise of tradition at YSU. Just look at the record since the big game started. Just look at attendance since the big game started. Just look at team morale since the big game started. These people are more interested in money and facilities and 2 scoreboards with losing scores then they are tradition (which is long gone) and the morale of team members. Who wants to start a season with an embarrassing butt whipping and a loss that means if you lose 2 more no playoffs? Think about it, you practice preseason to play your very best game, the first game. You’re told, “Yes you can!” Then your coaches game coach you to lose without getting hurt, but that doesn’t stop you from playing your hearts out against a team that is so superior and fast that you don’t belong on the same field with them ever! Now you may or may not get hurt but trust me you are really beat up and confused by the message from your coach who dragged you into this sacrificial money loss. Now completely demoralized and beat up you have to play a second game knowing that if you lose the seasons over, because you still have UNI and SI and SDSU and every other MVFC game? Remember our second game may not always be at home and it is now against a FCS (1AA) team who would very much like to beat us. And then another before Conference play ever begins. In reality we could easily be 0-3 or 1-2. There are no more tune up games and we've all seen this team recently struggle against even Slippery Rock.

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5alpheusiam(64 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

Part 2
If Ron Strollo the genius behind the sacrificial lamb big game theory was the great AD he'd schedule a smaller MAC type big game 3rd or 4th after this team figured out how to play as a team and had that winning feeling. He's no genius he's the idiot sucked in by money and evaluated by accountants who don't care about YSU football or its players. It's just black ink to these punks. The let's play OSU dream of the nineties teams has been realized, been there, done that, we are getting beat up and beat down, and it hasn't gotten us 1 thing as a team. Name 1 recruit or victory because of the big game? Name 1 bit of good press because of the big game? (Except for the local insider butt lickers) In fact the team practices to go and lose the first game and to do it with out getting hurt, take the money and get out alive is no way to build a winning season! This is why Ron Strollo stays and has immunity. Let me say this as clear as I can the big game money has corrupted and polluted the brains and ethics and loyalty of the regime. They are loyal to the money not the team. They lust after the power and prestige of the big game and its money. The elbow rubbing with Tressel and Wanstadt and Paterno. The failure to recognize that nothing good has come to the team from the big game and in fact has doomed it to perpetual failure is Ron Strollo’s fault and is corruption at best and this regime must go now!
YSU needs a regime that reaches out to the community guaranteeing that our academics and academic facilities are the best there is, that our scholarships and grants both academic and athletic are for the community and NE Ohio and Western Pa. first and foremost! That young talented athletes should want to stay here by choice, by loyalty is a missing element here. That the best chance for academic and athletic success are here and we use our scholarships here to prove it. There is no community outreach to the local schools getting kids interested in YSU academically or athletically and this is a crime. I had the chance to speak to some of the local football players from some of the playoff teams, none of them had ever met or heard of anyone recruiting from YSU, nor did their coaches. What the hell is up with that? But on senior day I heard a lot about Florida and Texas recruits. If YSU wants community support isn’t it only sensible that they support the community. If YSU wants loyal fans shouldn’t they demonstrate it by creating a program loyal to our community? If they want butts in seats at Stambaugh maybe they should recruit expecting the best and brightest want to stay home and be rewarded here.

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6alpheusiam(64 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

Part 3
We have some enormously talented athletes who are also top academically. Why not snag some these kids with University Honors Scholarships? Tell them that YSU can make you an excellent Engineer or teacher or get you into any grad school and what about the school of business? The beautiful academic facilities. Why not have the goal to make YSU the best University there is? Put academics as your highest priority and snag the local kids starting in kindergarten. Send YSU representatives to our local schools early and constantly. Put together sports programs that reward and feature local talent first and foremost. Keep the athletic scholarships here, unless there is a specific need or a great talent seeking YSU out. Why are we spending more time in Florida then at local schools? We had 17 teams make high school playoffs, isn't that a pretty big talent pool? I've asked the powers that be at YSU why they don't seek the top local talent and I was told because they won't stay and it's a waste of time to ask. I swear this is true. And it makes me sick, because I believe that if you create an excellent learning environment with excellent athletics and rebuild a winning tradition based on the community they will come. Fans would be more willing to support a 6-5 or 5-6 record if was our own kids. They don't think outside of the box at YSU and they are too cowardly to try. When searching for a coach, if they ever do, do you think they'd ever try asking a fired Charlie Weiss? No, why bother he'd never come it's a waste of time. I say maybe Charlie doesn't need the money and has something to prove? What's the harm in asking? Think outside of the box. What about asking DJ Durkin the special teams coach from Stanford, who beat USC to death yesterday? He played for YSU and is the real deal. They should have been recruiting him 2 years ago. But again, that's outside the box this regime lives in. I say believe in something with all your heart and it will come, wear it on your sleeve and sell it with your heart and keep your commitments and then there is no outside the box there is only possibilities. Is it possible Strollo and Heacock will both be here next year? You bet! Is it possible that behind our backs they are both already seeking other employment and would abandon us even if they could keep their jobs? You bet! Do you think either of them look in the mirror and say it's their fault? I don't! These guys don’t dream or believe, they don’t reach out to the stars. They accept mediocre in exchange for the lust of the big game. They hurt the University and the community. It’s the worst kind of corruption because it shines like gold but is hollow. But to me it smells like crap.

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7Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

My humble suggestions for the upcoming head coaching vacancy at YSU. Many here have Youngstown connections:

Dan Shula (Western Illinois)
Mark Stoops (Arizona)
Tim Beck (Nebraska)
Carl Pelini (Nebraska)

The Penguins will rise again.

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8valleyred(1103 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

Heacock will be gone next Monday, you heard it from me first. He is well aware his final game will be in Fargo, ND. Strollo will begin the search effective next week.

Names to watch out for:
Bob Davie
Walt Harris
JD Brookhart
Mark Stoops
DJ Durkin

Without a doubt, all top notch candidates for the job, with the exception of Brookhart cause he further destroyed Akron football We need a coach to commit to recruiting locally first, and out of state second. And most importantly, committing to get fans back to YSU football games.

Great website to follow the coaching search:

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9SickofJimbo(140 comments)posted 6 years, 8 months ago

The nepotism with friends and family at YSU needs to stop. Heacock will never be a head coach anywhere else. He can not recruit or coach. He's a great guy with a whole line of excuses etc.

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