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4 bedroom, 5 bath


4 bedroom, 5 bath


4 bedroom, 4 bath

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Should elected officials resign their posts after admitting to having an affair?

570 total votes


1Rocco(99 comments)posted 7 years ago

hey HOPE4 -
..... so why in the world didn't BILL CLINTON resign? He was also charged with perjury. How much time did he spend in jail for that perjury charge???? You make me sick.

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2Rocco(99 comments)posted 7 years ago

Hopeless.....You need some English and spelling classes.

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3paulydel(1598 comments)posted 7 years ago

It doesn't make any difference what side of the aisle your on you should be held to a higher standard when serving the public. He was stupid and was thinking with the wrong head.

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4Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

After making a wrong choice they should then make the right choice and resign !

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5valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years ago

Regardless of political party, these bums need to resign.

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6northsideperson(366 comments)posted 7 years ago

Adultery is bad, although the number of people it impacts is limited.

Lying, misusing government funds for travel, and the like to support adultery ought to be challenged.

And those on moral high-horses that fall ... deserve the scorn they get. They're reaping what they've sown.

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7Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 7 years ago

President Clinton should've resigned because he committed perjury during grand jury testimony during a sexual harrassmant civil rights case.

Character counts. We have been voting in slobs; dispicable, repugnant, dishonest, loathsome slobs. We currently have the government we deserve.

I don't think anybody should be required to resign if the law was not broken, but feel free to consider character in the next election.

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8cambridge(4065 comments)posted 7 years ago

Elected officials are elected to do a job. Their private lives are private. If it's proven that an elected official did something unethical or illegal pertaining to their job that's another story.

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9cambridge(4065 comments)posted 7 years ago

For everybody that wants to revisit President Bubba's transgressions don't forget to mention the part about Newt Gingrich cheating on his wife while he was leading the impeachment of Clinton. Lots of people cheat on their spouse but not everyone is a hypocrite on a national level.

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10NoBS(2761 comments)posted 7 years ago

We can all bring up our favorite scandals from the past - none of that matters any more. They either got away with it or they didn't - it's all history.

Nonsocialist has it right - we expect, or at least, we SHOULD expect our elected officlals, who are representatives of us - "we the people" - to be of at least as honest and trustworthy, and have as much integrity and character, as we ourselves do. Hopefully a little higher, actually.

By simply having an affair, the elected official is demonstrating that they are willing to lie, and knowingly deceive people who trust them, and that they put their own wants ahead of the needs of anyone/everyone else.

Actually, they shouldn't resign - they should be fired. No benefits, no retirement, no nothing. And this idiot governor who's been in the news should do jail time. If you're AWOL in the military, it's a big deal. You're in serious trouble, and can do real jail time. If the politician is AWOL, that's even worse. He should spend 20 years in Leavenworth!

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11cambridge(4065 comments)posted 7 years ago

Hey it happens. I'll admit it happened with me. When my wife and I first got married I thought it would last forever. We were ecstatic when we had our twins. She was a little overbearing but I tried to live with it. Maybe another child would bring us closer. We tried for one more and had sextuplets.

Now we have eight kids and my wife has turned into a raving maniac. I think she's upset because all of the kids look like me. She never let up on me either, Jon your getting fat, Jon your going bald, blah, blah, blah. She screams at me in public and humiliates me every chance she gets. Now she's off with her body guard promoting her latest book on how to kill a marriage.

As for me, I met a nice wholesome teacher at the local bar and one thing led to another. We've been bumpin monkeys ever since. Like I said it happens.

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12redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years ago

Gee, you should have a TV show. Call it Jon and Kate plus 8. Might make a few bucks. It could work!

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13Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

"She never let up on me either, Jon your getting fat, Jon your going bald, blah, blah, blah. "

"I think she's upset because all of the kids look like me."

So you have fat bald kids,Cambridge? :) My condolences to the nice wholesome teacher.

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14redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years ago

Be nice Stan, He put some effort into composing that little story. I do admit that the "wholesome teacher at the local bar" really completed the entire presentation.

If we can agree to disagree on things and then laugh about it we are okay!

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15Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 7 years ago

Shame on the Vindicator for no coverage of the House vote on the largest tax increase in US history (The Waxman-Markey "Cap and Trade" bill). It is censorship of the news on behalf of the Socialist movement.

Back to Sanford. This is a lesson to all conservatives that GOP politicians have just as much hubris and ego as the Democratic-Socialists. It is time to abandon party affiliations and actually vote for ideas and positions. It would, however, require the citizenry to educate themselves about the candidates.

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16redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years ago

Nonsocialist, I have to follow up on your last sentence with this video clip. Ignore Stearns, but watch the clip. It says all you need to know. Don't seem to get much comment from the liberal segment when I post this!


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17Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

Well redvert it is no mystery what got Obama elected. Liberals of all colors ! But how will his liberal supporters take it when he ships more troops into Afghanistan? What will they accuse him of?

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18cambridge(4065 comments)posted 7 years ago

Stan the Man Unusual....When Obama ships more troops to Afghanistan his liberal supporters will accuse him of going after the people that attacked us on 9/11. It takes more to be the "Commander and Chief" then a pair of pajamas that looks like a pilot suit.

It's called taking the fight to the enemy. You know, the people sworn to kill us. Or maybe we should p**s away another trillion dollars attacking a country that did nothing to us and was no threat to us. That was the guy you voted for.

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19DoctorGonzo(728 comments)posted 7 years ago

Your ignorance and jolly preemptive behavior are the sincerest forms of flattery. Now you bring my name up on message boards waiting for a reply? Your worship of false idols such as myself is evidence of a guy who needs more activities in his life.

Cambridge (Harvard) - you're a dude? Damn.

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20Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 7 years ago


You've probably already seen this. Check out the video under the "polling research" section.


There is no way the teleprompter-dependent, inexperienced junior senator with poor judgement would've been elected if there was electoral reform that included a simple poll quiz.

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21redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years ago

Nonsocialist, I didn't get much response from our liberal friends as I expected, I never do when I post one of these clips. I have more and I will play them again when it is appropriate.

Another example of the uninformed voters occurred in Broward County, Florida which is heavily populated with minorities. The second most contested race after the presidency in that county voted on by all voters was the sheriff's race. I don't remember the exact number of votes but I believe it was ~660,000 votes for president with Obama receiving ~350,000 to McCain's ~300,000 plus 3rd party/independent votes. The sheriff's race was tightly contested with the Republican winning. Total votes cast was ~600,000. So a good majority of the people that would most likely have voted for Obama did not even bother to vote in the next most hotly contested race. Probably voted for Obama and no one else. Now I know you can say that I have no proof who didn't vote for sheriff but GET REAL! This is the mentality of a lot of Obama voters.Oh well I think the new sheriff will not turn his back on the black voters........

That brings me to add another clip. Enjoy, this just brings a tear to my eye.


Oh hell, let me throw this one in also!


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22Nonsocialist(710 comments)posted 7 years ago


The government-dependent voting block will keep the Democratic-Socialist Party as the ruling party for the foreseeable future. Even through the upcoming hyperinflation and soaring energy costs, they will show their appreciation for the cash-for-power/vote-buying arrangement. So the question is, who will be inaugurated in 2013: President Pelosi, President Biden, or President Rangel?

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23Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

Well redvert they will find out that Bush gave them more money than Obama will. He is is gearing up his energy policy to strip the wealth from the masses under the guise of global warming. He will bring back the dark ages and the ice age back to a home near you. While they are shivering from lack of heat, looking at a picture of Obama by candle light should give them a warm glow. He is at this moment slamming the door on America's coal resoures that power most of our electric generators. Heavy taxation on coal usage will affect the poor who support him the most.

BTW Quail you are no stranger to confusion. Obama promised to cut and run during his campaign. His words not mine. Remember his stating he would pull out all of our troops? The gays who supported him are now mad because he doesn't champion gay marriage. Obama however has not dissappointed me by any of his actions. His term will amount to no more than my weathering the liberal storm. Will he get elected to another term? Only of his supporters are gluttons for more punishment.

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24thinkinbt4ever(5 comments)posted 7 years ago

The people whining about these officials needing to resign because they are 'unethical', who did you vote for? Did you vote for them? Did you vote for the person who assigned them the position they hold?

Personal lives are just that, PERSONAL! It's none of yours, mine or anyone else's business what goes on behind others' closed doors. If they want to give a statement as to why they are divorcing/separating then it's their choice to share the information, they shouldn't be made to tell us, regardless of the position they hold.

If you or your spouse had an affair, would you like the Vindicator reporters at your door with a podium to set up on your lawn with a microphone so you can tell the whole world how your whole life is messed up? I didn't think so.

It's no different than the celebrities who have recently passed away, 'fans' are DEMANDING to know what happened, how they died and what's happening with their families... Is that really any of your business? NOPE, SURE ISN'T!

Have a nice day.

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25Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago


"I do remember him promising to withdraw the troops in an orderly, responsible manner. So far he has fulfilled that promise. Just today, U.S. tropps began withdrawing from the major cities."

Today after moving out of the cities they killed four of our troops. If we go to war I support defeating the enemy. After WWII Germans or Japanese didn't attack our troops when we occupied. Why? They were defeated. Obama will now play politics with our soldiers lives paying the price.

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26cambridge(4065 comments)posted 7 years ago

Stan the Man Unusual....Fredo the guy you voted for is the one that "cut and ran". Al Qaeda was the enemy. Our troops had bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora and the whole world on our side and the guy you voted for ran away. We could have crushed Al Qaeda and the guy you voted for let them escape, regroup and become stronger then ever.

Instead he attacked Iraq. A country that did nothing to us and was no threat to us. They had no WMD's or nuclear program no imminent threat. There was no flawed intelligence. The guy you voted for tortured people until they told him what he wanted to hear to justify his invasion.

The guy you voted for set up a Sheite government and they ran 3 million Sunni and Christians out of the country. Now you definitely have another 3 million that are potential enemies of America.

Fredo the guy you voted for caused more than 4,000 Americans and more than 100,000 Iraqis to lose their lives. More than 15,000 soldiers lost limbs or worse and who knows how many thousand have PTS. America has spent 350 million dollars a day for 6 1/2 years in Iraq. A trillion dollars so far and another trillion projected to take care of the seriously wounded and those with PTS for the rest of their lives.

Fredo and his war in Iraq did nothing less then embarrass America and smear Americas good name and good will all over the world. That's the guy you voted for.

The guy I voted for is the one left to clean up that and every other mess left behind by the guy you voted for.

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27Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge :

If Bush knew the exact location he would have hit him with a missile from a drone. The Pakis didn't seem to mind Osama going over the border but it was off limits for our troops. Now just watch as Barack allows them to kill our troops with very little response.

As far as I'm concerned Iraq was unfinished business after Desert Storm. You probably forgot about Sadam invading Kuwait and taking over the oilfields. Remember the hundreds of wells on fire that Sadam had destroyed? How about the hard work that Red Adair and others performed in the desert heat putting the wells under control again? After a while with no noose around his neck Sadam was getting bold again. He should have been hung during Desert Storm and not when your memory lapsed !

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28irishfan91(97 comments)posted 7 years ago

The fact that our politicians now routinely vote on bills they have not read should be an impeachable offense

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29planforthebest(53 comments)posted 7 years ago

It would be nice if these polls would change after a few days...having the same stale poll for weeks at a time is dull.

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30hafniumcarbide(17 comments)posted 6 years, 12 months ago

Weeks? This poll has been up for about one week. Impatient much?

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31planforthebest(53 comments)posted 6 years, 12 months ago

But others have been kept up for weeks, and really a day or two is enough time for everyone to have their say.

Vindy is the only website that keeps them up for that long. It's like they get too lazy to change them or something.

News is only news for a while, then it's old news, like this silly Sanford scandal poll.

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