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Who do you think won the vice-presidential debate?

Biden 85%
Palin 14%
3505 total votes


1 brandj (1 comment) posted 6 years ago

Your friend McCain just voted for the BAILOUT bill. His advisor and mentor Phil Gramm was the architect of much of the deregulation that led this mess and its not just "dirtbags" whatever that is supposed to mean that created the foreclosure crisis and now this credit crunch. Banks on Wall St. had a great deal to do with making the mess. They're the ones that should be cleaning it up and paying for the BAILOUT. Deregulation of the sort that Bush, McCain and Gramm have been pushing led to this problem. No more! It's time to clean it up and kick out the Republicans whose only idea for government is less government. Actually, that's not a great idea. There needs to be rules and peple need to be held accountable.

Next up is Sarah with her Troopergate investigatin.

Good luck clarkkent, I think the truth is your kryptonite.

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2 dublinranch (5 comments) posted 6 years ago

Biden won, Palin was at least coherent... but don't let that fool you. For a reminder of the Palin we've seen more of check out www.palinomaly.com (funny and scary at the same time).

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3 apollo (1227 comments) posted 6 years ago

Biden won. All the debate proved is that Sarah Palin could memorize responses to already known questions. When she is subject to media scrutiny, in unrehearsed situations, she is a miserable failure. But, that is the standard operating procedure of the Republicans. I noticed she too says NUCULAR. Where did these people go to school? One NUCULAR president is more than enough if my lifetime.

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4 TheLostPatrol (756 comments) posted 6 years ago

Spiro Agnew, Edmund Muskie, Nelson D. Rockefeller, and J. Danforth Quayle ALL held the Office of the Vice President, yet even still after the Debate, Governor Sarah Palin is not deemed "qualified" to hold office by a bunch of local democratic voters in a Valley that less than 20% of adult voters hold at least a Bachelors Degree. And you want to know why the National Democratic Ticket doesn't give "squat" back to this Area. Lest we forget the great big Rally at Southern Park Mall by Democrat Bill Clinton that PROMISED us a Defense Center (that eventually went to Republican laden Franklin County); then SUPPORTED NAFTA and GAT. Look whats left of Northeastern Ohio Manufacturing Businesses from the passage of the NAFTA and GAT legislation that PASSED under the Democratic Clinton Impeachment/Administration. At least President George W. Bush SAVED our Air Force Base in Vienna.....and the majority in this Valey voted against him.

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5 dmets (575 comments) posted 6 years ago

Bush is a horrible president, and our representative are who got the base saved. Look at our economy that is all thanks to the Bush admistration who McCain backs 100%. McCain is all about the rich getting richer, and gives two s**ts less about the middle class. By the way if you look at cnn and the polls they run, it's not just local youngstown democrats who do not see Palin as not "qualified". As for you republicans, I'm sick of you thinking that you are higher and better educated then democrats. Get off your high horse and back down to reality!

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6 TheLostPatrol (756 comments) posted 6 years ago

Excuse me, but Former Youngstown Mayor "King" George McKelvey was a Democrat-turned Republican that saved our Air Base from being shuttered, by cow-towning to the Republican President George W. Bush via his personal Endorsement of President Bush in previous elections, not any Freshman Congressman, etal. Since 9/11, have we had a recurring event on our soil that mirrors that devastating event? No.....But in the Late Seventies, they held our hostages for over a year under Jimmy Carter (the Avenue of Flags still fly in Sharon/Hermitage, PA), and not until a few days after Presdient Reagan took office did those Iranians set them free. The economy is affecting our Nation not because of Bush and the Republican's, but because buffoons (D's or R's) that kept buying Toyota's, Nissan's (Datsun), Hyundai's, etc. and China Made Appliances, TV's, Furniture, Mowers, and even Candy and Baby Formula to SAVE A BUCK. Don't blame it on Washington, blame it on yourself (and myself, too) for shopping at Walmart and buying the cheaper(non-USA Made) product. My only beef is that I believe Sarah Palin is just as qualified as previous VP's to hold that Office. And she is a BREATH OF NEW FRESH AIR on the Washington Beltway.

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7 JeffLebowski (953 comments) posted 6 years ago

Lost-I share your position on consumer responsibility 100% and concur that she carried herself well during the debates, but her lack of substance was hard to miss. The only apparent deviation from her memorized comments was her desire to give the role of Vice President more power, even though judging by her "run the Senate" comment and her implied blurred line between the Executive and Legislative branches she apparently isn't quite clear on what the role entails. (Her handlers probably haven't briefed her on that yet...)

Regardless of your opinion of Joe Biden he made a very personal statement toward the end that most people would agree warranted some type of emotional response...somewhat robotically Palin instead didn't address his comment but immediately went back to the stuff they had her memorize without addressing his loss. Not good form for a debate to be sure but beyond that not very humane...in short, you can't teach common sense. Given lots of recent evidence of the effects of lack of common sense in the Executive branch this will (hopefully) not fly with voters next month.

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8 dmets (575 comments) posted 6 years ago

I agree with the whole consumer responsibilty for buy things not made here in the states. I will tell you when i go grocery shopping i make sure everything is US made or grown. I do not buy fruit, veggies or anything else from other countries. As for clothes and shoes I have looked so many places and it is so hard to find anything made here the US. We do buy US made cars! I try my best to buy US made stuff, but I think we need to have someone open a company her in the US that make their clothing and shoes here!
I think sarah held her own(since she did dodge questions and stuck to the debate boot camp drilled into her head), but just not well enough to think she is ready for the job VP. I would never compare her to Al Gore, but she definately might be as good as Chaney, which is not saying much at all.

Obama Biden in 2008 for a BETTER FUTURE!

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9 Woody (452 comments) posted 6 years ago

Biden could not even remember that the portion of the US Constitution that talks about the Executive Branch is Article 2, he stated that Article 1 laid out the Executive.

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10 apollo (1227 comments) posted 6 years ago

Of course Palin has never even read the US constitution. But she did get her communications degree at 6 universities in 5 years or was it 5 universities in 6 years?

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11 andersonathan (667 comments) posted 6 years ago

At least it is the third of the month most of you will be back on medication real soon now, so keep thinking to yourselves Joe Biden won and won big. At least the teleprompter was not needed. So when your medication's kick in re watch it then say to your self WoW she just kicked his ass.

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12 Cbarzak (110 comments) posted 6 years ago

Andersonnathan, you just keep making yourself feel better with that line of thought.

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13 clayor (281 comments) posted 6 years ago

Let me get this straight......Biden won the debate because he is a Democrat, of course, he could have been deaf, dumb and blind but thats all that was needed, a D beside his name. Palin told you like it is, but you don't want to hear it. She doesn't pull punches, speaks to the people honestly, not the Washington BS like most politicians do. So, she is not fit, I wonder if she was Obama's running mate, how all of you would have felt about her performance. I really said that tongue in cheek, I KNOW the answer. You would have LOVED her. Be careful what you wish or vote for, it may come back to bite you, BIG TIME. This time I do believe you will regret your decision.

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14 andersonathan (667 comments) posted 6 years ago

Your right I do feel better, next month's medication ought to be kicking in all over the country by election day, that's why this register to vote same day stuff has to stop. McCain/Palin 08

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15 valleyred (1098 comments) posted 6 years ago

Awful fishy to see 3000 votes on here.... My guess is the link to this was posted on a liberal blog.

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16 cambridge (3023 comments) posted 6 years ago

The perky Sara McScary proved she could memorize the puppet masters script. "If they say this word you say this, If they say that word you say that, grin here and wink there. If asked a question that you don't know, don't answer it, just change the subject back to our script like I want to go back to taxes and tell that lie we keep telling about Obama taxing the middle class."

I'm sure her inarticulate hokey charm played well with the heartland hicks.

Joe Biden showed experience, knowledge and a command of the facts.

I don't understand how McSame can pick Sara McScary and then use the phrase "Country First" with a strait face.

As far as 3000 voters on this post, maybe more voters than usual are paying attention.

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17 TheLostPatrol (756 comments) posted 6 years ago

Hey apollo, maybe she got her degree from The Aey Online Diploma Mill? Keep voting democrat in this town so that the re-gurgitated democratic officeholders can jump from elected seat to elected seat and retire ith a 6000/mo. retirement at age 52 and you working stiffs can continue to work till you drop dead at 75 passing out smiley stickers at Walmart.

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18 clayor (281 comments) posted 6 years ago

Hey! Didn't you notice.....every time you log on you can vote again....typical Y-town voting agenda!! Osama Bin Laden, oops, Barack Obama for president, talk about a tongue twister!

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19 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

We don't need 4 mre eyars of someone who is jusut like bush.

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20 cambridge (3023 comments) posted 6 years ago

Obama does have some big eyars but ther are only two of them.

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21 Cbarzak (110 comments) posted 6 years ago

clarkkent, now that i know it's okay to attack people for spelling and grammar, i will make sure to do so for the many, many people on your side of the court that should be back in grade school when it comes to that.

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22 clayor (281 comments) posted 6 years ago

Discuss the issues, we all knew what was meant.

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23 George412 (161 comments) posted 6 years ago

Why are we still debating who won the debate? All of the mainstream media polls, except for one on Fox news, show Biden as the winner by about 20%. Biden won the debate because he has intelligence, experience and the ability to actually respond to the questions he was asked. Palin is a mistake, and only blind party loyalists would see McCain's choice of her any other way. Oh, and all of the Obama Bin Laden, Barack Hussein Obama, etc. was never funny. It's actually pretty stupid. Discuss the issues? That's a nice thought, give it a try.

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24 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 6 years ago

Here is a Washington Times article that everyone should read.


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25 dmets (575 comments) posted 6 years ago

Tomcat another artical writen by a biased Republican backer. I'm sick of everyone trying to piont the finger at Democrates. The down fall of the economy and all the these lenders, is the greed of the people who run the companies, and the government for not have caps on salaries, and bonuses. There are way too many people to blame who filled their bank accounts with tons of money while the rest of Americans suffed. So i say screw all the people who got rich off this and shame on them. They will rot in hell!

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26 George412 (161 comments) posted 6 years ago

Tomcat, it's not an article, it's an editorial, which means that it's based in opinion and not fact.

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27 clayor (281 comments) posted 6 years ago

If you are wanting another 9-11, only this time having nobody with guts to stand behind it, Obama is your guy, his agenda is to infiltrate, he has been chosen, he is the Messiah. The choice is yours.

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