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As Youngstown 2010 nears its namesake year, do you feel its promise is being realized?

Yes 46%
No 53%
153 total votes


1 ytowngirlincbus (3 comments) posted 6 years, 9 months ago

I'm considering moving back to Youngstown from Columbus, but find myself conflicted. I miss my family and friends, but driving through Youngstown and the surrounding suburbs is extremely depressing. The loss of jobs is also disheartening. I looked to the 2010 plan hoping, and actually expecting, that part of the plan would focus on economic growth. Unfortunately, according to the plan, "The Youngstown’s New Economy working groups had intentions of analyzing the city economy in relation to the regional economy,with a more detailed analysis of commercial centers and downtown economic functions. But budget constraints and timing have pushed this component of the plan to an identified project in Youngstown 2010. "http://www.youngstown2010.com/plan/final_plan/Ytown2010_chapter2.pdf .
The plan appears to focus on zoning along with attempts to make the city, "cleaner, greener, and better planned and organized." It also focuses on the reality of a city stabilized at 80K, rather than 170K as originally planned for in the 50'2 and 70's. While that makes sense and is a great start (things will at least look nicer), I would like to know what the plans are for economic development and attracting new businesses to the city. How are businessed being "sold" on Youngstown? Is there even an effort to do this?
While it's great to publicize these efforts in the local media (and in some cases the national media as well), I would like to be assured that additional efforts are being made which focus on courting new businesses to the area and that if I would like to move back to Youngstown (and truly, I would), that I would have a job to which I could move back. Lack of a job (despite a bachelor's from YSU and master's from Kent State) is the reason I had to relocate in the first place.

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2 thedifferencemakers (1 comment) posted 6 years ago

this here group has just about called it a day here. these leaders are weak and so is the media hound mayor. he does not, repeat, NOT speak for this group! he has INDEED told this paper not to publish any manifest from this group so from this moment forward, we'll boycott this paper, vindy. com sites whatever! we can't even make a dent in crime from our own block unless we become vigilantes! all them drug houses out in the open and five-0 may arrest them but the ol' catch and release and presto back at it! we're tired of trying to keep up greenspace only to observe the thugs trashing the lots and laughing their asses off! our simple ass council gillam does nothing but get paid, and who cares about greenspace when its a goddamned war zone on the lawless eastside. drug houses ALL IN PLAIN VIEW and only 2 are deemed nuisances? the law is not on our side, and jaybird could care less about this group unless you kiss his high and mighty ass and we refuse to bow down to the JEDDSTER! most of our members have indeed moved away from this lawless city, and the rest of us are packing up and leaving too! jaybird should be thrilled to rid the city of 20+ hard working people trying to make a difference but get the runaround instead! and since this paper bows down to him, we'll take our difference making asses elsewhere! stay safe here in thugstown y'all.

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3 XBROWNSX (35 comments) posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Why is it, STILL, the bad areas of Youngstown continue to be those areas of the south, east and north side where blacks make up the majority of the population? When are black people going to start taking some responsibility for being the eyesore nationally, that Youngstown is portrayed in? Not 100% black, because I know there are some good people there. Yet those good people are usually too afraid to do anything, in fear of being called racial slurs, Uncle Toms, ect. Time has come - thugs, punks and losers in the black areas of town need to leave, quit bringing down Younstown as a whole. Get educated, act and talk normal, dress normal, or get out of Youngstown by 2010. You are not needed or wanted there.

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4 Robert_Neville (123 comments) posted 5 years, 4 months ago

I see that you are a great supporter of Reaganomics! What a great concept Former President Reagan had, but his idea of the perfect economy was shrewd. I can still remember his great ideas. His main interest was with the US and foreign companies, and let not forget the way that he fired US government employees (Air Traffic Controllers). What a way to get that economy going or send it in a recession in about six months. Reaganomics is what got our country in the situation that we are in now. The other nations in the world say that he drove the prices up; in order to benefit the pockets of his base.

Well were to start at; do I start with the mentality, unions or capitalism. I choose mentality. I think, I will talk about the history of the Youngstown area. Do you know when and who founded Youngstown, Ohio? You do know that the people of Youngstown have a pride history. Our history starts with the founder of Youngstown and that is John Young in 1797. He was one hard worker; we can call him an entrepreneur. As far as the talk about being a socialist and union supporter; please do not forget how much you make today. The fact is the unions helped you make that healthy wage that you make today, and watch who you call a socialist. Not all people that supported the New Deal in order to get people back to work are socialist. In fact, I see nothing wrong with building new steel mills. Even building new power plants on the rivers and growing fast growing trees for a future paper mill in the area. What do you say about that? Is that your idea of capitalism and personal responsibility; because it is my idea of capitalism and personal responsibility? One last thing, you must be a perpetual failures, because you do live in the area. So, I task you to do something. Call your Congressman and Senator to help out a young entrepreneur, like myself to get money to do ideas like this.

Finally the last thing, GOD BLESS AMERICA and May he keep our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines safe at all time.

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5 abtech (48 comments) posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Pro American,
Capitalism doesn't work either (well for a few) and in a racist society with plenty of dirty tricks and necks of people it had to step on to rise to be the "greatest" nation on earth (think Native Americans from whom which the land was stolen, and upon the flogged backs of Africans who were KIDNAPPED from their land to provide hundreds of years of free labor that gave this economy the boost, and the governments that were directly or indirectly and in all cases scandalously toppled by u.s. corporate grip and special interests that ultimately control america and the governement), it will create a great division and dis-proportionately make wealth and resources available...because WHO will play fair in an economic theory where you, well, CAPITALIZE?

. the stats are somewhere that less than 1% of the population controls more than 99% of the wealth in this country...how is THAT working?

I hear all you staunch supporters of capitalism always crying about Wal-mart and how they "take away business" from other businesses...but then don't you realize that that is WHAT CAPITALISM IS AND DOES?
Sort of like most of the pillars of this American society, hypocrisy abounds in that lament.

It is ridiculous to assume the playing field is level, and many conservatives ride the wheels off of that "personal responsibility" theory, as if ANYONE who is poor or struggling economically is surely being irresponsible...wow.

People also assume that Socialism means that you take from hard workers and give to lazy people (reminds me of the assumption that Affirmative Action ALWAYS means a lesser qualified Black or minority wins over a more-qualified White person)..

read up on it.

United we stand...my rump!

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6 abtech (48 comments) posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Ytowngirlincbus, I feel that the place to REALLY begin, is in the school system. Foster and INTELLECTUAL environment, geared towards forcasted industry trends of the future (like Hi Tech stuff, renewable energy, etc), THAT will begin to court companies, instead of feeding these kids with long sticks (metaphorically speaking) at schools and making excuses for them, and overall cringing at their very presence and smart mouths out of fear, and actually ENGAGE them in some challenging thought ( my daughter didnt have books for some of her classes at P Ross Berry) rather than suspending them for every minor infraction and chasing them all over the hallways with walkie talkies and other practices that paint the picture of authority in school being the enemy...

second I feel that the public transpo infrastructure is ridiculous and I HEAR that there is a grassroots movement to get this economic fundamental rectified, but HIGHLY unpublicized in the local media. Mostly it's shot down because cities and towns surrounding Youngstown are more worried about 'people from Youngstown being able to easily get to their city to terrorize it and plunder it (as if we're some savage vikings or barbarians)' , and overlook the fact that the transpo of people also is the transpo of IDEAS and skills.

Then scratch your head as to why there isnt even a MUNICIPAL Wi-Fi????? Can you imagine? In THIS hi tech day and age??

what about the freeway system? The logic of the traffic flows, timing of lights, everything believe it or not, effects economic health. You can't efficiently access Market Street and 224 by freeway, you have to get off either a few miles down the road from either the east or the west, or go way down through New Middletown...the eastside is almost TOTALLY unaccessible via freeway, and there are only 2 entry points into Youngstown either from 80 and 193 (and subdivision of 711) or from off 76 from the south...

and then to stop fist shaking about the thugs (who really only bother eachother because it is conflict based crime usually), and the freaking steel industry days...reminds me of a woman who can't succeed in any relationships because she's still hung up over a past relationship.

dont even get me started on the racial division, discriminatory hiring practices and over all racially motivated inclusion (and exclusion) tactics of places like Turning Technologies, YBI, and the like.

a few things to consider.

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7 Robert_Neville (123 comments) posted 5 years, 3 months ago

I just want to say that capitalism does work. Let me give you some examples: Mr. Polk, Andrew and Hitchman, Andrew Carnegie, Oprah Winfrey, DeShawn Snow, and others. The list goes on and on.
Abtech I want to refer you too an article; that was published by an author in Africa. He talks about the Slave trade. The author is Tunde Obadina. He said a quote about writer James Baldwin. The quote is: "The past is what makes the present coherent," said Afro-American writer James Baldwin, and the past "will remain horrible for exactly as long as we refuse to assess it honestly."

Now here is what he wrote about the slave trade. Estimates of the total human loss to Africa over the four centuries of the transatlantic slave trade range from 30 million to 200 million. At the initial stage of the trade parties of Europeans captured Africans in raids on communities in the coastal areas. But this soon gave way to buying slaves from African rulers and traders. The vast majority of slaves taken out of Africa were sold by African rulers, traders and a military aristocracy who all grew wealthy from the business. Most slaves were acquired through wars or by kidnapping. The Portuguese Duatre Pacheco Pereire wrote in the early sixteenth century after a visit to Benin that the kingdom "is usually at war with its neighbours and takes many captives, whom we buy at twelve or fifteen brass bracelets each, or for copper bracelets, which they prize more." Olaudah Equiano, an ex-slave, described in his memoirs published in 1789 how African rulers carried out raids to capture slaves.

After I read this I was thinking about who was to blame. I only thing that popped into my mind was the African Chief. I think that we as a people need to move past this point. The Americans now are not the ones that enslaved the Slaves. We have to remember we elected the first Black President. The next question as affirmative action progresses is this. What do we do when the white race is no longer the majority in America? This will be happing in about five years from now. That means do we give them the same rights that people who receive the benefits from Affirmative Action now or do we just keep the inequality from them for the next hundred years? I think we need to address these issues now not five years down the road.

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8 abtech (48 comments) posted 5 years, 3 months ago

robert neville,
I know I know, it's all the African's fault we were slaves.

Affirmative Action falls under constitution that "congress shall enact laws to offset the institutions and LEGACY of slavery" so naw, the Whites won't get in this benefit.

now I'm thinking of that black guy who was on TV begging John McCain to "please sir, take it to this guy..." during the presidential election last year.

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9 Robert_Neville (123 comments) posted 5 years, 3 months ago

I feel that is you do not remember the days when Martin Luther King JR. was alive? If so you would not remember him saying: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." I am sure that you care about what he did for US. I worked myself out the poor side of Youngstown. I had a great career in the service. I retired out as a LTC. In the United States Army and remember passing up more decorated and qualified white Officers for promotion. Abtech, we can not hold our short coming on the heads of the majority in America anymore; we control everything now. We have the White House, Congress, the Senate, music industry, and the entertainment industry. We now need to do something about it.

I do agree with you, on that Affirmative Action does falls under the constitution. As far as, the comment about "congress shall enact laws to offset the institutions and LEGACY of slavery." I do not remember that in Law School. As far as, guidance goes it states “Since the 1970s Americans have tended to agree about the constitutionality and justice of guaranteeing equality of civil rights and liberties to all individuals in the United States, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.” This also would address issue of affirmative action to remedy the effects of past discrimination against racial minorities and women. If the whites do become the minorities they will be entitled to these benefits.

Abtech, we need to work with everybody, to ensure that we make this area better for everyone. I do not want to have the younger generation; to live the hard life that I have lived. I will be going to Africa for a seven month vacation for the winter. Take care and go do great things.

Robert Neville

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10 Stan (9923 comments) posted 4 years, 11 months ago

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

Failure has no color barrier . Success nationwide can only be achieved when everyone works to the best of their abilities . We need to put America to work and end the outsourcing and rampant imports .

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