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Do you agree with the LPGA’s rule requiring players to speak English beginning in 2009?

Yes 80%
No 19%
705 total votes


1 DoctorGonzo (728 comments) posted 6 years ago

Private sector, most events played on American soil, and I am sure the oral exams will not be that stringent. I'd like to hear a logical reason to be against this, assuming my third point.

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2 city_dweller (194 comments) posted 6 years ago

I'll take you up on that bet.

Mandating English is both ethnocentric and arrogant. Golf is not a uniquely American sport; a significant number of successful pro golfers are not American; and the number of international tournaments is growing every year. In a global society, we should be embracing differences and recognizing that foreign competition is not a threat to the "American way of life", not climbing on a cultural high horse by pretending that speaking English will help a golfer make par.

At its root, this policy is a discriminatory and transparent attempt to discourage and restrict international participation in the sport. With any luck, it'll work, and the policy will drive away players, their sponsors, and the millions of dollars they bring. I can't wait for the formation of an IWGA, or International Women's Golf Association, which won't care what language you speak as long as you can hit the ball. After all, isn't that what the game is about?

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3 JeffLebowski (953 comments) posted 6 years ago

Many of the big money winners are Asian; those same people draw a good portion of the gallery each week -- why would the organization want to risk drawing crowds by being prohibitive? This isn't meant to be prohibitive or exclusive, it’s meant to better ensure that the tour can market the individual players to sponsors. Corporate events that generate money generally mean there are a bunch of yuppies that pay lots of money to converse with an athlete, not her interpreter – also, have you ever seen an interpreter in a Gatorade commercial? The LPGA needs all the help it can get from sponsors and marketing, this much is certain.

It's like what Lenin said...you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh...you know what I'm trying to say...

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4 JeffLebowski (953 comments) posted 6 years ago

Also, thanks to the Vindy for clearing up the scientific survey stuff in the disclaimer. I almost got excited and started updating my CV before I realized my participation wasn't scientific...that would have been embarrassing.

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5 DoctorGonzo (728 comments) posted 6 years ago

Closet dweller,
The LPGA is a private organization. The LPGA is uniquely American, and totally capitalistic. As The Dude alluded to, it is in large fiscal trouble and needs to open all channels of potential marketing opportunities. Like it or not, (and I do), America is still the economic center of the sports world. If you are a lady golfer and you have the ability, you are playing on the LPGA. There are no competitors foir the LPGA and there won't be any time soon. The LPGA is where the money is. So, take your philosophy degree and bring it to starbucks the next time you buy a $8 coffee and are looking for work, and realize that if "embracing differences" doesn't display a bottom line, then much of the world will dispell it.
Also, this rule will end up enabling ALL lady golfers world wide to make more money in the long run. This is still the best country to get fat pockets in. Why would the LPGA want to limit their opprotunity to garner more world class talent? You think they are just racist non-progressive, right wing pigs? NO. They are business people and the bottom line has the final say.
Speaking english does not help a golfer shoot par, it will help them sign bigger checks though.
Have fun in France, and keep reaching for the stars.

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6 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

The why don't they require Englisgh for the PGA? Men can speak others languages but women have to speak English?

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7 Tomcat (202 comments) posted 6 years ago

Doctor Gonzo you are "right on". I would also like to add a side bar....English is the universal language for pilots also. Centers, Towers (Air Traffic Control, Weather, etc. are all conducted in English. Why in the world haven't we made English our official language is beyond me!!!
Won't that new IWGA that "closet dweller" talked about will be hilarious with everyone jibbering away in another language. I doubt we will ever have to worry about seeing it on TV over here....LOL

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8 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

Wel becuase not everyone does. only for formal reasons do some other then that they speak thier countire's language.

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9 DoctorGonzo (728 comments) posted 6 years ago

I am not advocating that eveybody be required to speak english. That would be ludicrous. I am just explaining why it is advantageous if you want to play golf professionally as a woman.
The PGA is different. There is the European PGA and several other countries where a man can make a good living playing golf no matter what language he speaks. If you are a professional woman golfer you are trying to get your tour card on the LPGA to make it big.
As a international player wouldn't you want to learn english anyway to open the doors alluded to ealier?

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10 city_dweller (194 comments) posted 6 years ago

Just because something CAN be done doesn't necessarily mean it SHOULD be. Yes, technically speaking, the LPGA has every right to mandate any rules and regulations it wants for participation, but there is something fundamentally nauseating about pandering to this degree. And athletes have every opportunity to learn English should they decide that it's best for their career. If the LPGA begins making participation decisions based on a player's marketability, they place themselves on a very slippery slope. These are athletes, not corporate escorts. Or are they becoming the same thing in golfing circles?

BTW -- I don't drink coffee, thanks.

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11 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

It ssmes to go a liitle to far. I mane encourage them to speak Englsih yes but forcing them goes a liitle to far.

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12 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

So much for just for the playing part of it,the most impotant by te way.

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13 cambridge (3009 comments) posted 6 years ago

I'd like to see if Bush could pass the test.

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14 metz87 (884 comments) posted 6 years ago

I tihnk he had a storke. lol.

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15 cambridge (3009 comments) posted 6 years ago

Americans play baseball in Japan and baseball, football, soccer, and basketball in Europe and Golf on Asian and European tours and are not required to speak the languages.

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16 dmets (575 comments) posted 6 years ago

I think every one playing a sport in the USA should be able to speak english. It makes sense to me. Then everyone can communicate with each other. I don't think english needs to be their first language, but they should know enough to talk to the other players.

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17 dmets (575 comments) posted 6 years ago

I mean the only other way would to be have interpreters to communicate. You ask about the French Open? It is one event once a year. I'm sure the players have interpreters or knnow some French word to relate to the people working ther. Almost all LPGA events are played here in US. I think they need to make sure they have way to have open communication lines.

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18 cambridge (3009 comments) posted 6 years ago

A nation of people who refuse to learn others language should not require others to learn theirs. Disgraceful.

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