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Should Boardman Township become a city and form its own water district?

Yes 65%
No 34%
692 total votes


1 bruce (1 comment) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

If Boardman was a city and had a 1/2% SALES TAX, with all the retail, car dealers, resturants and employee base we should be tax exempt and have all sevices possible and good police & fireman, free parks and good roads. LETS GET MOVING FOLKS.

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2 NachoCheese (163 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

This is a no-brainer. YES! To those who argue there is a cost to becoming a city, the point is there is a cost to everything, INCLUDING INACTION which then let's Y'town rob you blind! Incorporate into your own city, control your own destiny, and then use your brains and vote people in charge that will do things the way YOU want them done with YOUR TAX MONEY. Fail to take action, and instead watch Y'town come in, tax you without representation, and cherry pick away at the township bite by bite. The choice ultimately is up to the voters of Boardman Township, but only a fool would fail to recognize what is at stake here.

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3 apollo (1227 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

I'm looking at the vote above and apparently very few people want to be part of Youngstown in any way, shape, or form. Kind of flies in the face of some who say that the townships would vote yes for JEDDS because of the water savings and the number of suburbanites who work in the city. Youngstown should quit trying to pick the pockets of suburbanites and figure out how to solve its own financial problems. First off try cutting unnecessary employees and forcing the unions to accept cuts. Then drop the income tax to normal levels and possibly, just possibly, businesses might locate here. Of course addressing the crime issue would help too.

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4 Tugboat (759 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Maybe a better economic stimulus package would have been to grant our individual shares to local government for it looks like, one way or another, it will end up there anyway. As Apollo wrote, the most cost effective route is for Youngstown to deal with their financial issues and leave the townships alone and the township, in conjunction with some more convincing belt-tightening(such as consolidating department heads into one position), needs to sell the residents on the idea that a levy will cost them less in the long-term. Compared to Boardman, Youngstown has three times the number of safety service personnel with only twice the population. Then why do we hear the horror stories about response times and homicides? Everyone talks of becoming a city but when the start up costs and realities of the work involved just to get it on the ballot manifest themselves, the idea will wamble.

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5 JRBYoungstown (44 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

I hope Boardman becomes a city, but they had better share in the burden that youngstown has had for years. If Boardman becomes a city it is only fair that the now township should have housing projects, section 8 homes, and of course all the problems that come with the areas poverty. IF The west side of Youngstown had to bear these burdens then so should Boardman. I hope Boardman suburbanites know what they're getting into if they are to become incorporated.

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6 bolin5 (1 comment) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Boardman have section 8 housing....lmao...thats a good one, those ppl are too far up their own butts. I use to live there..

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7 NachoCheese (163 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

How funny. Merely the act of becoming a city has nothing to do with section 8, poverty, and problems. By becoming a city, Boardman (and Austintown, and perhaps others) can have control of their own destiny. With that control, Youngstown has chosen a path that led to section 8, poverty, and problems, but this has nothing to do with being a city and has everything to do with the path that the leadership has chosen. Therein lies the key - become a city and then put leadership in place that will choose the right path. There are many successful cities all over Ohio that don't have anywhere near the section 8, poverty, and problems that Youngstown has - it is all in how you run the circus.

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8 JRBYoungstown (44 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Youngstown has poverty because of slum lords in places like Boardman. These people are out to make a quick buck at the expense of destroying communities they "invest" in. The west side and brownlee woods were very nice places to live until a few years ago. What happened? Housing projects moved in because Youngstown is a city. Youngstown is the historical center of the valley and therefore should remain as so. Columbus annexed all of their surrounding suburbs. People in Boardman cry about being taxed, but they would have no choice if Youngstown were to annex. Maybe if Boardmanites would park the Suv's and quit buying expensive mall clothes they could afford their water. Its not the path Youngstown choose, its the pass that was chosen by slumlords that help increase blight in the city.

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9 NachoCheese (163 comments) posted 6 years, 6 months ago

It is so tiring to hear people try to compare Y'town to Columbus - totally different animals. While Columbus indeed has annexed like an out of control cancer for over three decades now, and while they had destoryed a good part of the original 18 townships in Franklin County (and even encroached into Southern Delaware County) it is not at all true that Columbus annexed all of their surrounding suburbs. The fact is that there are MANY suburbs contiguous to or surrounding Columbus and they are, in fact, their own CITIES and VILLAGES. People have fought hard and dear fights to ward off the cancerous attacks of the city of Columbus. Columbus has been more successful in the past than they should have been to annex parts of various townships, and many of those areas are now paying the price of the blight, destruction, crime, and poverty that Y'town is known for. The primary areas of Columbus (annexed) that are remotely safe from this are the areas that were, by statuatory agreement, forbidden to be annexed by the city school district through a so-called win-win agreement. Take a ride through Columbus some day in these outlying areas so aggressively annexed 10-20-30 years ago - look at the potholes in the roads, the boarded up 10-year old buildings, learn how they can't manage to plow snow or patrol the police in the neighborhoods - explain how anyone in their right mind would want Boardman or Austintown or any other surrouding areas to end up like this. INCORPORATE NOW! STOP THIS NONSENSE ONCE AND FOR ALL! or, be like Columbus and pay the price forever.

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