Tony Kelly

Running for
ResidenceCampbell, OH
EducationCampbell Memorial High School John Carroll University Youngstown State University
EmployerMahoning County Engineer's Office, since 1988.
Family I have two sons: A.J.,22, and Ryan,17. My fiancee, Mary Janek, has three children: Drew,23, Aislinn,20, and Derek,18.
Reasons for running For the last eight years I have worked diligently to ensure that our children receive the best education the City of Campbell can afford to give them. I feel there is more work to be done. I would like to continue my service to the good people of Campbell.
Priorities My fist priority is to maintain the school district's financial security. We must make sure that we secure all funds and grants available to us. Secondly, we must continue to be a technology leader in the county. We must expand our College in High School courses where our students earn college credit through YSU while attending our high school. This program saves their parents an average of $4000 per course.
We must foster an atmosphere of cooperation,communication and,most importantly, trust between the Board, the new Superintendent, and our hard-working employees.
Qualifications I have proudly served on the Campbell Board of Education for the past eight years, formerly as President, currently as Vice President. I am also Chairman of the Curriculum,Student Achievement and Sports Committees for the District.
In addition to these qualifications, I feel that what makes me uniquely qualified are the experiences and conversations that I have with my neighbors and friends about our children and our schools. I've gained a wealth of knowledge from them. I am open, honest and approachable, and will always listen to others'
viewpoints before making decisions.
Positions on the issues One of the most controversial issues being discussed is standardized testing by which school districts are graded. In my opinion these tests wrongly punish school districts who are blessed with a diverse population. They are also unfair to those districts with many special needs students, those in poverty,and those with limited English language skills. Together we must come up with a better way to assess our schools' strengths and weaknesses.
Offices Held Campbell Board of Education, 2006-2009 and 2010-2013.