Timothy Weigle (Republican)

Running for
ResidenceEast Palestine, OH
EducationGraduate East Palestine High School 1971, Leadership 2000 Six Sigma Green Belt Dale Carnegie Caterpillar Tractor Certified Operator FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Technician /w Inspection Authorization (IA), FAA Licensed Pilot Instrument Rated, Seaplane Rated
EmployerOhio Cat Aug. 2001 to present,
Unity Township Trustee 1990 to present,
Columbiana County Port Authority Oct 2011 to present,
FamilyDeborah spouse
Laurie daughter
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningWith my long history of private and public sector service experience I can bring a strong level of management to the commissioners office. I have often thought I would like to serve Columbiana County as a commissioner if the opportunity was presented and that time has come. I deeply care about the future of our county and I know I can help create a positive change for our residents, businesses, and services. I enjoy meeting and talking with people and hearing what is on their minds. In my press release last year I stated I would be waging a county-wide campaign listening to your concerns as well as speaking and I have held true to that commitment. I want to represent you and our county government.
Priorities Business development preparing a County wide plan to prepare for gas and oil Industry as it unfolds before us. Creating jobs and business opportunity.
A Strong focus on drug enforcement working with all Law enforcement agencies finding solutions that create results.
Keeping our county healthy focusing on safety of drilling operations, providing Health department services, being prepared for the ever possible natural disasters.
Being familiar with the operations and service of every county agency under the responsibility of the commissioners office.
QualificationsLife-Long resident of Columbiana County
40 years working in the private sector from labor to management
23 years as Unity Township Trustee with successful service
22 years of private sector business management, preparing annual budgets, P&L responsibility, Customer Satisfaction, Managing people day-to-day.
Positions on the issues Casino tax revenue, I feel we should direct these dollars into an account for the entire year and understand what it generates before we begin spending it. Possible uses I would consider are special projects, matching money to go along with CDBG or Issue 2 projects. The commissioners responsibility will be to use these revenues to get the biggest benefit possible throughout the county.
Hydraulic Fracturing, I haven't been shown positive proof or research that well fracturing is dangerous or will create environmental issues. I do believe a strong regulation oversight should be in place to watch every rig location on a daily basis.
Injection Wells, I'm not in favor of injection wells even though there are many permitted and in use with no impact in the state. I believe the technology exists to clean and recycle brine fluid and we should be using those methods.
Tax Increase, I'm against any tax increases in the present economy. Big government needs to be reduced in size and stop over regulating the ability for small business owners to stay competitive. Our federal government needs to bring jobs back home rather than letting them leave our great country.
Government Health Care, I'm against a government managed health care plan.
Abortion, I'm against abortion with the exception of rape, incest, or danger of mother's life.
Offices Sought Unity Township Trustee November 1989 election

Offices Held Unity Township Trustee Jan. 1990 to present