Tim Ryan (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceNiles, OH
EducationB.A., Political Science - Bowling Green University 1995 J.D., University of New Hampshire Law School 2000
EmployerU.S. Congress
Family in office?No
Time in areaLifetime.
Reasons for runningI ran for Congress because I saw the devastating effects of job outsourcing and knew that I could help turn things around. I want to continue working with the private sector to foster innovation and continue being an advocate for the working families of Ohio.
Priorities Jobs, Education, Innovation. These three priorities are linked, we have to focus on creating the economic landscape that will foster and grow the middle class. By working through Public-Private partnerships, government can support the private sector in exploring new industries and technologies. By educating our workers and our kids we will be creating a workforce that is the best in the world and ready for the rapidly changing global economy. And we must also support the entrepreneurs who are building the future of the economy with them and their innovations, our economy will always be a world leader.
QualificationsI have a 10-year record of accomplishments, securing over $126 million in funding for high priority projects. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I have helped protect and improve the Youngstown Warren Air Reserve Station and the Ravenna Joint Military Training Center. Building on the success of the Youngstown Business Incubator, I have worked to bring public-private enterprises like the new $85 million National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center that will help pave the way for future jobs and economic growth. Working with local and state partners I have helped to bring new jobs to our region such as the $650 million V&M Star facility.

Positions on the issues The road to true economic prosperity cannot be built by sacrificing investments in the future and leaving behind the least able to afford it. I believe we must grow the economy through the creation of new jobs. Manufacturing is one of the leading sectors of our economy and the new $85 million public private partnership in the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute is exactly the kind of investment that is necessary.

With job creation we will truly reduce our long term deficit and debt concerns. Additionally defense expenditures are being reduced as we are no longer conducting combat missions in Iraq and we’re winding down commitments in Afghanistan. Domestically, the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act will reduce the cost of medical care and increase coverage. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says reform will save $1.3 trillion in the second decade by changing from a disease care system to a system that focuses on prevention.
Offices Held Ohio’s State Senate and US Congress