Terrance Esarco (Green)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
Educationdiploma from lowellville high school 1978 certificate for account clerk from mahoning county career technical center 1978 b.f.a. from youngstown state university 2007
Employeryoungstown city schools as a substitute school teacher
Family in office?none in public office. i have a cousin that is a policeman for youngstown city.
Reasons for runningI am running for the president of council position to give the youngstown residents a voice their city's decisions that affect them on a personal, economic and spiritual levels. I am running to give the youngstown city residents another opportunity to vote for a person from another party then the democrat and republican parties membership.
Priorities My priorities are to have the council meetings more transparent then they are today. If, one does not attend the finance meetings before council meetings the youngstown residents are befuddles when council meets after the finance committee meetings to pass in council chambers during council meetings. I will try to convince they youngstown city council eliminate the rule that a youngstown resident(s) or others must submit in writing to council the friday before the next council meetings in which they are about to speak or address to council. I will try to convince council to put all the city charter recommendations that were passed by the charter review committee on the ballot to pass or to defeat by the youngstown city residents. I will meet with the youngstown residents on a regular basis with or without their council representatives to hear and meet their concerns about their quality of life issues that affect them as residents of youngstown, ohio. I will assist the youngstown school board and its superintendent of the youngstown schools district to help them with improving the district to the excellent level. I will try to encourage more retail moving into and staying in the city on all sides of down. I will promote local cottage industry to be showcase throughout the entire region and worldwide through the use of all mediums that are available at this time. I will try to encourage council to find funds to webcast live all council and committees meetings using the internet. I would suggest that council meetings to held on all sides of town, four times a yr to give the youngstown residents they are appreciated by their youngstown leadership in the youngstown city hall.
QualificationsMy qualifications for the youngstown's p.o.c. seat are the following neighborhood groups boulevard park blockwatch, 7th ward citizens coalition, the westside coalition, the garden district association in which i participated in different events that helped these organization improve the quality of life in their organizations memberships lives in youngstown. I was a member of the youngstown arts and entertainment district area that was a group that helped to established 15 new liquor licenses in youngstown downtown as a place to dine and to entertain at variety of bars and restaurants. I attend the youngstown council meetings on a regular basis that are held twice a month and council committees meetings. I am in my second year as a substitute school teacher in the youngstown city schools that this position gives me the opportunity to interact with the younger generation in youngstown schools.
Positions on the issues I am for jobs the gas and oil industry that do not harm individual(s) health. I will push to have more local control given back to the local city government through changing the state's constitution through state representatives and senators participation in this matter
Offices Sought none
Offices Held none