Susie Beiersdorfer (Green)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationODNR Division of Forestry “Tree Commission Academy” 2011 (graduate)
 “Sustainability, Climate Change and Society” YSU Graduate Course 2011
 “Bridges Out of Poverty” YSU Summer Graduate Education course Spring Semester 2010 Geology of China Graduate Course Spring Semester 2010 MS Early Childhood Education, Youngstown State University 1998 CA Teaching Credential, CSUS (California State University Sacramento) 1989 BS Geology UC Davis 1981
EmployerYoungstown State University (part time geology instructor)
FamilyRay, Crystal, Rochelle

Family in office?none
Reasons for runningNo one should run unopposed in these times. It is time to let go of the status quo. It is time to be part of the solution (not part of the problem). Apathy is the enemy.
It is time to:
Improve communication between citizens and local government.
Improve the public meetings so that citizens have a greater voice in our community.
Listen to the citizens for ways to improve social, economic and environmental issues.
Recognize and Promote the amazing opportunities and resources that we have in Youngstown.
Create a vibrant community that works together to improve the quality of life for ALL residents of Youngstown.

Priorities Gain a greater understanding of local government to see what is working and not working and work to improve efficiency and services through greater communication.
Facilitate a public meeting that serves the citizens of Youngstown with regard to time and opportunity to dialogue about our city and create solutions to the troubling issues.
Make sure that Council meeting agendas (pre) and minutes (post) are posted in a timely manner. Establish communication and work with website technicians to improve accessibility.
Work with each Ward council member and their respective neighborhood groups and citizens to address their priorities and together look for solutions.
Work with Parks and Recreation to provide more youth opportunities including leadership and educational as well as recreational opportunities.
Promote the many assets and opportunities that are a part of Youngstown to retain residents and attract new residents, businesses and organizations.
Promote the amazing things that Green Youngstown Litter Control is accomplishing. Investigate more innovations and opportunities for our city as we work toward greater sustainability.
Revisit some of the Charter Review Committees’ suggestions to improve communication between citizens and local officials and to modernize local government operations.

Help create an easily accessible community calendar that is easy to submit to and easy to access.
QualificationsMy ability to work outside of my comfort zone and listen to and engage with people from all backgrounds and opinions is an asset for public service. My patience, persistence and “attitude of action” enhance my ability to get things done. My integrity and non-combative nature allow me to communicate effectively. A local official recently said that “kindness is a weakness.” I contend that kindness, respect and civility are strengths and crucial attributes of a public servant.

I am an active volunteer in the Community in many circles:
social services, social change, entertainment and the arts
greening projects (planting trees, establishing gardens, promoting and buying local foods, founding member of the Grey to Green Festival)

Positions on the issues #1 Relevant Issue: Our government is not serving WE THE PEOPLE.
I believe that WE THE PEOPLE must be heard and served and it must begin at the local level. Politicians should be available and accessible ALL the time and should ALWAYS be working for WE THE PEOPLE who elect them.
#2 The Community Bill of Rights
I believe that WE THE PEOPLE have the right to choose clean air and clean drinking water and local control and therefore I am a strong advocate FOR The Community Bill of Rights.
#3 Education and Opportunity for the Citizens
I believe that together we can create opportunities at the local level that improve the quality of life for all the residents of Youngstown.
Offices Sought none
Offices Held none