Stan Nudell

Running for
ResidenceGirard, OH
EducationGraduated from Youngstown State University in 1962. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
EmployerEdward J. Lewis, Inc.
27 South Hazel Street
Youngstown, OH 44503
FamilyJody (wife)
Brad (son) married to Courtney living in Cleveland, Ohio
Connie (daughter) living in Baltimore, Maryland
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningFour years ago the township was in fiscal disarray …. Perhaps in worst condition than it had been for decades. I’m not a political person but the township needed the influence of a business person with a strong sense of finance, economics and balance. It also needed someone who was able to respond to critical issues without outside influence. The budget needed to be drastically adjusted with cutbacks as needed. This is why I ran the first time and I’m running for re-election because the challenge continues and the job is not yet complete. I have no other political aspirations.
Priorities 1. Fiscal responsibility assuring the township remains in the black
2. Keeping the township moving forward in a positive direction
3. Economic development
4. Communication with Liberty families and county and state government
QualificationsI’ve been in commercial real estate for thirty-five years and have had a keen focus on Liberty Township. I’ve had the opportunity to bring businesses to the community, create jobs, meet and work with leaders and learn how business and government can work hand-in-hand to preserve and build a community.

And, of course, I’ve been very active in the township and have now served nearly four years in office with results I would hope speak for themselves.

 Our board has saved taxpayers in reduced wage and benefits
 We reduced workers compensation costs
 We reduced taxes and saved by joining Trumbull 911
 Sold police tower, eliminated consultants
 Revamped healthcare costs
 Eliminated outstanding bank loans
 Helped re-build our infrastructure
 The township is now in the black
 We brought back a contract U.S. Post Office
Positions on the issues 1. Spending – continued caution and responsibility

2. Services – excellence for our families, getting as much out of allotted dollars as possible

3. Infrastructure – continue securing state and federal monies to maintain the momentum we’ve already created
Offices Sought Elected Liberty Trustee in 2010
Offices Held Elected Liberty Trustee in 2010