Sean O'Brien (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceBazetta, OH
EducationBA. Political Science - Edinboro University of Pa. JD. Law Degree - University of Akron School of Law
EmployerSelf - Attorney
State of Ohio
FamilyMaria J. O'Brien - Wife
Gillian Hart O'Brien
Paige Adams
Family in office?Tim O'Brien - Yankee Lake Village Council
Reasons for runningTo continue giving our community a strong voice in Columbus. While in office I have sponsored or cosponsored legislation for economic development, septic reform, CNG development, prescription drug reform, workforce development and TBI awareness. I have worked with local and state officials to help our area become a better place to raise a family and make a good living.
Priorities Continue economic development
CNG development
Septic law reform
Responsible severance tax
Prescription drug reform
Work force development
Assistant County Prosecutor
Founder and Past President of the Trumbull County Community Foundation
Youngstown Air Base Reserve Council
Former Guardian Ad Litem
Former board member for Someplace Safe
Former board member for Inspiring Minds
Current State Representative
Positions on the issues Any severance tax must provide a greater return to the communities that have drilling in their area than the rest of the state. These communities are forced to spend more resources on roads and other infrastructure because of this type of drilling. Therefore they should receive a greater share of the tax.

Against Right to Work legislation
Against legislation suppressing voters rights
Support our public school system
Offices Sought State Representative 2011 to present
Offices Held State Representative 2011 to present