Sandra Stabile Harwood (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceNiles, OH
EducationJuris Doctorate-University of Akron School of Law BA Business Administration Kent State University Arizona State University College of Business Fellowship-University of Wisconsin La Follette School of Public Affairs
EmployerSelf Employed Attorney
FamilyThomas Harwood Spouse
Tiffany Weddell Redman-Daughter
Timothe R. Weddell-Son
Megan Trout-Stepdaughter
Melissa Harwood Bacon-Stepdaughter
Mathew Harwood-Stepson
Family in office?Thomas Harwood-Chair Niles Civil Service Commission
Melissa Harwood Bacon-Ohio Department of Health, Chief Policy Advisor
Reasons for runningThere needs to be a change in leadership in this Court in order to restore the public's confidence which has been so badly eroded due to problems in the Court, many of which have been covered by the media. I believe that there have been far too many complaints and negative media attention to allow the status quo to continue. I believe that it is the sum of my background and experience as explained in the following question that makes me the right choice for the positive change that is so badly needed.

Priorities As a Judicial Candidate I am bound by Cannon 4 of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct and cannot make pledges or promises that are inconsistent with the impartial performance of the adjudicative duties of Judicial office. I preference all responses to this questionnaire with this statement and the assurance that as Judge I will apply the law as written to the facts of each case fairly, independently and impartially. All who come before the Court will be treated with dignity and respect.

Priorities include but are not limited to: strict compliance and application of Judicial Cannons; that cases will be heard in a timely manner and those who use delay tactics will not run the Court; that the Court demand and set an example of accountability and transparancy to assure confidence in the Court; processes and procedures must all be reviewed to assure best practices are in place; lead by example in setting standards and accountability so that a lack of accountability does not make its way to those that we rely upon to carry out Court orders and keep children safe while doing so; proactive approach with juveniles as has been done in other counties.
Qualifications-20 plus years in private practice primarily in Family Law

-nearly a decade of service as Chief Administrative Hearing Officer for Trumbull County CSEA and In House Counsel during which time I established the Administrative process for the establishment of paternity and support hearings overseeing thousands of cases as well as appeals of administrative reviews

-demonstrated commitment to strengthen the integrity of the Court,the administration of justice and strengthen the public confidence in a fair and impartial Judiciary through extensive work including but not limited to: Serving on the late Justice Moyer's Panel on Judicial Impartiality in 2003; contined work with Justice Moyer, the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Judicial Conference, as Chair of the Ohio House Judiciary Committee and the various other Juvenile and Family Law committees that I have serve on through out my career; service as Past Presedent of Ohio Family Support Association; Recognition as Legislator of the Year-Ohio Directors Association for work on behalf of children and families of Ohio.
Positions on the issues Again Cannon 4 prohibits pledges and promises as well as comment on cases before any court or that may come before the Court. I believe that a fair and impartial judiciary is a cornerstone of our democracy. I am committed to the integrity of the Court to assure public confidence and justice. I also believe that the Courts should be easily accessible to the public. My position on transparancy is demonstrated by my co sponsorship of Ohio's Public Records Act in addition to my familiarity with the Ohio Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio 44-47. My listed priorities are intended to strengthen public confidence in the integrity of the Court.
Offices Sought State Representative 2003 term
State Representative 2005 term
State Representative 2007 term
State Representative 2009 term
Offices Held State Representative 2003-2010