Ronald Shadd

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationB.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from Thiel College
EmployerConsultant and Community Advocate
FamilyRonald Shadd, son
Family in office?Brenda Kimble
Reasons for runningI gain great inspiration from the following quote by Helen Keller, which reads, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”
The "something" that I can do is to work toward ensuring that the youth of Youngstown are prepared for the future and have the ability to prosper within the new economic growth and climate entering the Mahoning Valley. I want to empower our youth to be inspired to reach new heights in academic achievement and citizenship. To encourage community, faith, and business organizations to maintain and strengthen their investment within our children and the city of Youngstown.
Priorities Student Achievement: improving upon the graduation rate
Maintaining locally controlled school district.
Education to Workforce: having students be prepare for employment, training, and post-secondary educational endeavors.
Supporting staff and faculty.
Community involvement from supportive services to career exploration opportunities.
Parent Involvement with and emphasis on "Father and Male" involvement.
QualificationsEndorsed by the Youngstown Warren Black Caucus
A committed father; and uncle of children within the district
Life-long resident of Youngstown and a Chaney High School and Thiel College Graduate
Several years of experience in Early Education, Youth and Adult Workforce and Career Pathways, and Fatherhood initiative programming.
Over the past 5 years involved with several Community Organizations and Projects that focused on the betterment of youth and our community.

Youngstown City School District
*Levy Renewal Campaign 2012 Member(Successfully Renewed)
*Business Advisory Council: Academic Enrichment Chair
*Harding Elementary “Dr. Abdu”4th Grade Pen Pal Program Advisory Board Member
*Developing plans to Introduce Project More(Intergenerational Literacy Program)
*Choffin Career and Technical Center-Health Advisory Board
*Ohio State University Young Scholars; Group facilitator

Youngstown Office on Minority Health
*Advisory Board Member
*Men’s Health and Workforce Conference 2012

Northeast Ohio Medical University:
*AHEC Ohio Region III-Advisory Board Member
*Easter Ohio Area Health Education Center- Board Member
*Mahoning Valley Education for Service Curriculum Designer and Facilitator
*MEDCAMP Selection Committee(8th grade "Physician" career exploration program)
ACTION- Education Task Force Member
Coalition for a Drug Free Mahoning County-Member
Life Skills of Youngstown-Up Shots Facilitator
OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children Center for Science & Technology-*Education Advisory Member
Ohio Career Pathways Regional Team: Communications Chair
Trumbull County
*Fatherhood Initiative- Member and Facilitator
*Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention: Opiate Task Force
Positions on the issues Student Achievement
Everything comes back to student achievement. The graduation rate must be improved upon, we must doing everything possible to keep children in school. This is done by ensuring that students understand the importance of education and how it correlates to their futures and workforce aspirations. They must gain a comfort with learning and grasping the material being taught, and given the proper support to achieve throughout their educational experience.

Locally Controlled School
We must maintain local control of our public education district, this means working closely and transparently with the State of Ohio Department of Education’s Academic Distress Commission. Primarily, to maintain control our students must have increased achievement, increased graduation rate, and successful standardize testing results. Enrollment and retention of our student is a #1 priority to achieving success. We must prove and communicate to our families and the community that our Youngstown City School District is the best option for their children’s academic success.

Education to Workforce
Every student that graduates from our district must be employment, post-secondary education and training ready. I believe this is achieved through an understanding of local workforce demands and educational achievement. I will advocate for students to have opportunities to explore career pathways within our city, region, and to learn of national employment trends. I will also work to form relationships with industry leaders in workforce, education, and training programs to assist with training, career exploration, and employment opportunities for our students.

Supports Staff and Faculty
We will not have a successful district without our dedicated staff and faculty that we possess. I will support measures that strengthen employees’ skill-set and to provide support and materials for them to be succeed with the education of our youth. I will open-mindedly assist with negotiations to best meet the goals of our district and unions.

Community Involvement
Our children are the most value asset that we possess as a community. I will work to ensure that we have the best collaborations and partnerships to support the education of our youth and their families. I will insist that the involvement of entities be held to measurable standards and outcomes that support the educational scope and focus of the Youngstown City School District to provide the best combination of programming for academic success.

Parent ”Father” Involvement
Youngstown City School District, its students, and parents must adopt a motto that “Discipline is not Punishment” and an “Honor Policy” that focuses on “Honoring Each Other”. To be successful with gaining education or maintaining a job; one must be disciplined to routinely do the steps necessary to learn and work. The families of our students have the strongest role to play with us achieving a culture for studying, reading, and providing structure in and outside of the classroom. This discipline extends in many ways. We need parent to communicate with the schools and to attend all functions, and we need the schools to communicate with our families and to provide a welcoming environment for parents, especially fathers. Children with parents that are involved in their education perform better.
I will continue to work to identify and participate with programming that supports the family unit as a whole. I will think “outside of the box” to seek out community partnerships that will assist our parents with their goals of education, employment, and personal endeavor.
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