Roderick Lewis Jr

Running for
ResidenceWarren, OH
EducationWarren G Harding High School-2009 Art Institute of Pittsburgh Culinary Arts 2009-2010
EmployerBoost Mobile-Store Manger
Reasons for runningI am running because know that I can make a difference in our school system and in our student and parent's life. I would like to see higher graduation rates and more student going to collage after high school. I also feel that I (my age group) is the next Generation and it time to step up because the older generation cannot relate to what our youth/student are going through because they did have to experience what our student and I had to when I was in high school.
Priorities will work with student even more to see that we get a higher rate for Graduation and collage. Also Try to reduce our drop out rate. I will seek way to help students pass the OGT's.I will seek way to better our school system all around.
QualificationsMy Qualification are I also deal with the youth of today everyday I mentor a group of student every week for about two to three hours. I've held summer camp and after school program for students through out the past school years. I feel I know the need of the students well.
Offices Held none