Robert Lidle

Running for
ResidencePoland, OH
EducationTrumbull Career & Technical Center - Building & Construction Maintenance Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Management IBEW Local 64 Electrical Apprenticeship - Commercial Electrician The Ohio State University - Economics & Political Science Poland Seminary High School Poland Union Elementry / Middle / Jr. High
EmployerSelf Employed - The RAM Compnay, a commercial & residential construction and maintenace provider. Specializing in electrical, service plumbing and light carpentry services.

Trumbull Career & Technical Center - Part time residential and commercial electrical instructor for evening adult education classes.
FamilySpouse - Paula (former Paula Bilas of Poland)
Children - Robert III "Trey" (21), Mitchell (19), Alexis (16)
Family in office?Father - Robert Lidle
Chairman, Mahoning County Planning Commission
Reasons for runningI seek re-election so that the people of Poland Township may benefit from my stewardship in conjuntion with my colleagues for the following reasons.

Above all to continue to insure that the funding and staffing of Poland Township Goverment accomodates the needs of its' residents, so that they may continue to have the level of safety services (police & fire), road maintenance (paving & snow removal) and zoning (maintaining the aesthetic qualities of our neighborhoods & commercial properties) that they have come to expect from this current administration.

I believe that the three of us on the Poland Board of Trustees make a good team with varying talents and a cooperative spirit that benefits our community, the Township employees and the statutory services provided in addition to those provided outside that purview.

There are various projects that were initiated in my previous terms, I would like to follow through to fruition. Examples being; the creation and development of the Poland Township Park. Much has been accomplished, such as soccer fileds, a playground and green space. Future initiatives include a cross country course, a sled riding hill and potentially an indoor community center for baseball, soccer and general public use. The Safe Paths To Schools funding (sidewalks), where one $500,000 grant has been obtained to construct a pathway along SR 170 from the Village to Dobbins Rd and the potential of obtaining addtional grants for sidewalks to head east and south from Dobbins & SR 170. To continue to insure the safety of our children, our schools and our community through the seeking of grants for a School Resource Officer and additional community policing.

The financial management of the township, which has a surplus at this time, yet faces cuts from the state local government fund. Along those lines the collective barganing agreements that have been negotiated providing a tiered system has allowed for cost containment and hiring practices to occur in our maintenance and police departments. This along with the continuing cooperative exploration of goods and services rendered to the constiuents of Poland Township with the state, county and other communities.

To utilize my contacts at the county, state and federal levels to aid the residents of Poland to obtain grants, provide road resurfacing and resolve other issues such as storm water and other infrastructure or capital improvements.

Priorities The top priority of any person serious about being a township official should always be to provide the services prescribed by law as to their responsibilities in this office. To provide those residents therein with the adaquate safety (police & fire), the maintenance of township roads (paving & snow removal) and zoning. Other issues may come into play that have significance to residents, however the vast majority count on those services set forth by the Ohio Revised Code to be the most important on a daily basis.

I have and will continue to support the funding and staffing levels needed to provide these funtions to the residents of Poland Township and work cooperatively with my fellow board members towards these essential ends.

All throughout I vow to continue to be available to the community, be involved in community activities and to continue to be vigilant in the responsibilities that I have been charged with by the people of Poland. Exemplified in part by my involvement in Celebrate Poland, Poland Relay for Life, Community Youth Sports and my 100% attendance and voting record over the years as a Poland Township Trustee.

Specific priorities are as follows:

The safety of our children and our community as a whole is certainly the most important. As such, I adamantly support the position of School Resource Officer and full staffing of community policing. Along those same lines, to provide the Western Reserve Fire District the tools needed to protect our residents in the case of fire & EMS related services.

To continue to oversee the services provided to the residents of Poland continue at the high level that has been obtained. We are one of a select few communities that gets every one of approximately 60 miles of roads plowed within 24 hours. We have a police presence that deters crime and solves cases. We have zoning that maintains the integrity of our neighborhoods through nuisance ordinances and a strict seperation of residential and commercial properties.

To explore all avenues available to Poland Township with regard to stringent money management. As cuts continue coming from Columbus toward local governments, maintenance of our funds will be more critical than ever to provide services Poland residents have come to expect.

To continue to work with county, state and federal officials to get funding to address infrastructure needs.

The Poland Township Park has great potential for all residents. The creation of an indoor facility for sports and play for young and old alike, in addition to a sled riding hill and more trails for those who enjoy walking, running and cross country has my full support.

To continue, as in the past, to see grants to provide access for all our residents to get from the township to the village and elsewhere via sidewalks.

QualificationsPoland Township Trustee for 3 terms. Currently serving as Chairman.
Western Reserve Fire Distric Board Member (8 yrs)
Celebrate Poland - Co-founder & current Vice President (since inception)
Regional Chamber of Commerce Metro Govt Leaders - Past Chairman (2 yrs)
CASTLO Economic Development Board (9 yrs)
Ohio State Legislature (Ohio Senate) - former legislative assistant. (6 yrs)
Ohio Attorney General - former political director. (2 yrs)
Mahoning County & Ohio Township Trustees Association (12 yrs)
Mahoning County Board of Health - Board member - 12 yrs.
Poland Community Baseball Association - Trustee (8 yrs)
Ohio High School Athletic Association - Official (12 yrs)
Poland Relay for Life - Organizer / Coordinator - since inception.
Poland Presbyterian Church - Life Member - Usher (10 yrs)
Graduate of Poland Seminary High School
Born & raised in Poland
Positions on the issues ISSUE:
Future financial issues due to escalating costs and elimination of state local government funding.
In Poland Township we have been very prudent when it comes to spending. We have continually looked outside the box saving thousands of dollars through program management techniques, such as with health care, workman's compensation, collective barganing and grants. In the years that I have served there has not been a tax levy increase, yet we have maintained a budget surplus and continue to do so through some of the aforementioned efforts. Thus my position on the matter is to continue to be frugal and take advantage of all avenues to cut costs and explore ways to combine services and purchased goods through cooperative elements with other local governments in Mahoning County.

Storm Water Management
There is no one answer to resolve the issue of nature overwhelming a deteriorating / out of date infrastruture system. Controls in new developments through zoning, for example mandated home owners associations and strict guidelines for developers for storm water runoff with retention/detention areas. Legislation at the state level allowing local governments to act on behalf of developments that experience water issues. Understanding that this is not just a township or municipal issue, but one that affects all levels due to the fact that the roads involved and the systems that lie beneath them are maintained by state, county and local entities.

Zoning regulations, codes and blight.
Zoning is a vital component of Poland Township. The residents of Poland are here because certain standards have been set forth. Thus the maintenance and support of zoning regulations are of the utmost importance to our neighborhoods and the value of the homes in Poland. Zoning is a living entity within a community, as new products are unveiled and potential for development, whether it be residential or commercial our zoning commission should be comprised of people who will work with our zoning department and our residents. Lastly, it is said that blight does not happen overnight, thus we must be vigilant with regard to the aesthetic qualities of our neighborhoods.
Offices Sought Poland Township Trustee - November 2001 / 2005 / 2009
Offices Held Poland Township Trustee - Elected 2001, took office January 2002
Re-elected 2005 & 2009