Robert Hagan (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationUrsuline High School
EmployerC.S.X. Railroad, Locomotive Engineer; State of Ohio, State Representative
FamilyMichele Lepore-Hagan, Wife; Jennifer Hagan-Kadel, Kristen Iezzi, Thomas Hagan, James Hagan, Natalia Hagan
Family in office?Tim Hagan, Cuyahoga County Commissioner
Time in area61 years
Reasons for runningI am running for State Rep. to continue representing the best interests of my constituents while in the legislature. I want to remain as their voice, and advocate for issues that have a direct impact on their lives. I would like to continue my fight for universal health care, consumer protections, and environmental sustainability. I am running to build on recent successes of our area, and to provide a climate for continued economic development for years to come.
Priorities I will continue to fight for the economic and social justice that is needed in our communities. Health care reform is still needed. I am in favor of public works- type jobs that can put people back to work while making our communities more attractive and responsive to those who inhabit them, more livable for families, and more attractive for economic and social development. I also prioritize furthered growth of relationships with colleagues, both regionally and in Columbus, to enhance development and investment opportunities available to our Valley.
QualificationsI have been active in politics throughout my entire adult life, first being elected to the Ohio House in 1987- after having served my union as President for 12 years. I have maintained my public service in the Ohio Legislature for the past 23 years, gaining the experience needed to vote the way my constituents want me to vote on issues and legislation that directly affects their every-day lives.
Positions on the issues I am in favor of Universal Health Care. We need to realize that excessive health care costs are a burden to working families and their employers. Lack of adequate healthcare adversely affects too many in our communities.We need to be environmentally conscious both long and short term, so that we can create and maintain neighborhoods that do not come with hidden costs to families and businesses. Citizens need equal and expanded access to resources such as transportation, healthy lifestyle choices, and public safety. We need to balance the needs of our communities with the resources of our state. With an upcoming state budget void of approximately $8 billion in available resources, I am an advocate for services and programs that our families turn to when times are tough. As a community, we cannot allow Statewide political and financial pressures to overcome or discount our area's needs and desires to create a better way of life for generations to come.
Offices Sought U.S. Congress 2000; Mayor, City of Youngstown 2005
Offices Held State Representative, 1987-1997; State Senator, 1997-2007; State Representative, 2007-2010