Richard Ferenchak

Running for
ResidenceNorth Lima, OH
Education1991 graduate The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy- Bachelor of science in Pharmacy 1986 graduate of Boardman High School
EmployerGiant Eagle Pharmacy
1201 Doral Dr.
Youngstown, Ohio 44514
FamilyWife: Tracey
Children: Makenzie(15), Hannah(13) and Ricky(11)
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI feel the current leadership is stale and lacks vision. Aside from holding regularly scheduled meetings the current trustees do little to reach out and keep the residents of the township informed. The current township website is, in my opinion, a disgrace and is rarely if ever updated. The pictures on the website are from 2005 and the news and calendar tab has been "under construction" for years. The current trustees insist there is little money available for the required repair and resurfacing of township roads. However, these same trustees appropriated well over a million dollars in the last decade updating and building an addition to the fire station. That, in my opinion, is a textbook example of fiscal incompetence. With the state of Ohio continuing to cut the amount of money sent back to townships such as ours, it will require trustees who are financially conservative to manage the township going forward. It will also require trustees who are not afraid to make changes. I am such a person and I will not hesitate to take the steps necessary to implement operational efficiencies that will allow the township to continue to function without the need for ANY new taxes.
Priorities 1. Run the township more efficiently. Make sure employee contracts resemble compensation that is similar to what is offered in the private sector.
2. Keep township residents better informed. Use low cost modern technology such as email and mass text messaging to inform residents of happenings within the township.
3. Look at the possibility of aggregating garbage collection. This has been a net positive for other townships in Ohio. It reduces the price residents pay for garbage collection and results in less wear and tear on township roads. You could even mimic Liberty township and require curbside recycling in the contract, thereby providing curbside recycling to our residents at no additional charge.
4. Establish a separate park district either alone or in conjunction with an adjoining township such as Green. Most of our youth sports programs are struggling to find fields to play on. Additionally, it will be much cheaper to acquire land now. Many landowners have contracted their mineral rights. Allowing the current owner to keep the mineral rights should result in a lower cost per acre. Recreational green space such a Township park would only make our township more desirable to prospective residents. This, in turn, enhances property value.
5. Better enforce zoning rules. Most township residents do a great job maintaining their property. However, there is a noticeable amount of blight. I would be aggressive in enforcing negligent property owners to clean up their property or face increasingly progressive fines.
6. Reach out to other townships to see if we can save money via consolidation of services or via purchasing cooperatives. Boardman, Austintown and several other communities consolidated their road paving contracts this summer to get a better price. Can the scope of this project be extended? Can we share zoning inspectors, police chiefs, fire chiefs? Can we require all of our police officers to also be volunteer fireman? These ideas may sound unconventional at first but should be examined before taxpayers are asked to fork over more of their hard earned money.
QualificationsI have been a retail pharmacist for over 23 years and was a pharmacy manger for 18 of the 23 years. I am used to living within a budget and getting the job done in an efficient and cost effective manner. I am also a fiscal conservative. I will not support any additional tax levies unless costs have been cut. I will not stand for salary and benefit packages for government employees that exceed what is offered to the tax payers in their private sector jobs. I will use my retail experience to look for and implement efficiencies of scale and eliminate operational redundancies. I will also make sure the residents of the township are more well informed of what is occurring within township government.
Positions on the issues There are no other relevant issues I am aware of that I have not been addressed in this response.

Offices Sought South Range School Board 2007,2009,and 2011
Offices Held none