Reynald Paolone (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceGirard, OH
EducationGirard High School - 1971 graduate Hiram College (2years) Youngstown State University - 1978 graduate. B.S. in Education
EmployerGirard City Schools
FamilyBrenda S. Paolone
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningTo continue the strong leadership that I have shown as Council President for the past 8 years especially during the horrible times of fiscal emergency.
Priorities Continues the upward path Girard is on and has been on since we have emerged from fiscal emergency.

To continue to work with Mayor Melfi and City Council to make this city an even better place than it already is.

To work with council and the mayor to strive to get new business into, not just the Valley, but into Girard.
Qualifications20 years experience, it cannot be replaced by anything. It gives one the knowledge that takes years to learn, and that knowledge can only be learned on the job.

I have no aspirations to any higher office or any office outside of the City of Girard. I love the town I live in, have lived here all of my life, bought 2 homes here, work here, and plan to stay here until the end.
Positions on the issues Do not believe in "right to work".

The pursuit of any, and all monies, available to help build the south end of Route 422 within the Girard city Limits, doing everything possible to entice new business to locate there.

Exhaust all avenues to secure funds to rebuild the dam at the Lower Girard Lake and get that huge water supply utilized in some way to help not just Girard, but the entire Valley.

Work with Mayor Melfi and city council to continue the "comeback" of the City of Girard, in all ways possible.

Offices Sought Council First Ward 1993, 1995

Council-at-Large 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003

President of Council 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011
Offices Held Council-at-Large 4 years 1993 - 1997

Council First Ward 1997 - 2005

President of council - 2005 - present