Nathan Walker (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceSalem, OH
EducationI have attended Kent State University and Youngstown State University. I have also completed specific trainings related to my current position.
EmployerI am currently employed by AVI Food Systems and work at the University of Mount Union.
FamilyI have two children, Bailey Nicole Staudt and Preston Micheal Walker.
Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningThere is a huge disconnect between the county commissioners and the rest of county government. Commissioners were unaware that a member of the port authority retired and did not know an employee was working for the EMA. A grievance was filed by the sherrif's office regarding Halleck's behavior regarding an attempt to post bond to get one of Commissioner Halleck's associates out of jail. The style of leadership often exhibited by my opponent has often been aloof and impersonal. I will bring a new level of communication to the job and break down barriers.
Priorities Besides establishing stronger lines of communication between the board and other offices, my priorities consist of other efforts to better prepare ourselves for challenges we will face as a result of oil and gas development. Many communities have benefitted from boom economies only to find themselves with a new set of challenges. These challenges have included a larger and more professional illicit drug culture, prostitution, unaffordable rent and living expenses, and traffic congestion. As a commissioner my focus will be on devloping programs and resources to help us address these challenges.
QualificationsMy greatest qualification for seeking the office of county commissioner is that I am not currently a county commissioner and specifically not my opponent, Mike Halleck. My opponent has spent decades in public office and has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars by working for government. Democracy only works when politicians accurately reflect and represent the lives of the people. I know what it is like to work weeks longer that forty hours, and what it is like to struggle going from paycheck to paycheck. Columbiana County needs politicians that understand what it is like to work for an hourly wage and raise a family during challenging circumstances.
Positions on the issues In coming years our county will face challenges as a result of oil and gas development. Many of these issues will be criminal related. We need to make sure that law enforcement and social agencies have the tools needed to face these emerging problems. Drugs are terrifying even the most traditionally safe neighborhoods in our communities. Expanding the drug task force is a good step, but we must also acknowledge that we need options for treatment as well.

Economic development must always be a priority. We need to create and strengthen our efforts to identify and woo necessary opportunities to our regions. This is all of our reponsibility. We need to make sure government on all levels is working to accomplish the same goals.

We also need to take steps to recognize and empower good programs that are doing things to prepare our workforce to succeed in this new time of opportunity. The Columbiana County Career and Technical Center, Eastern Gateway Community College, and Kent State University are all doing incredible things that will allow us to achieve new levels of success. We need to assist their efforts and show our commitment to our county's future.

As our community grows we also need to protect and honor our traditions. This means our county officials must give their full support to the Columbiana County Fair, 4H Clubs, and our local organizations and societies.
Offices Sought I have never sought public office before.
Offices Held N/A