Michael O'Hara (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationWoodrow Wilson High School--Graduated in 1969 Youngstown State University--Degrees and certificates from the State of Ohio in Elementary Education, Secondary Comprehensive Science, Data Processing, Elementary Principal
EmployerHowland Local Schools
8200 South St.
Warren, Ohio 44484
Family in office?None. Robert Shovlin-Poland Board of Education.
Reasons for runningTo work for the betterment of the Mahoning Valley and the State of Ohio. To create working conditions so that people can live and work and make a good livable wage. To improve the public schools by increasing funding and programs that will allow students become better prepared for the jobs and their future ahead.
Priorities 1. To write/pass a bill to include monies to public schools if the state passes new programs that school districts are to use, 2) Put charter/voucher schools under the same rules and regulations as public schools, 3)Use rainy Day Funds to help communities in the area so they do not place burden on homeowners, 4) Make needed changes in the Domestic Violence Laws in the State of Ohio to better protect its victims of said violence, 5) Work to reinstate homestead exemptions for all senior citizens that the state changed last year, and, 6) Work to freeze college tuition for 2 years to study ways to reduce costs.
Qualifications32 years as an educator, worked with active and retired steelworkers to fight for their benefits after LTV had filed for bankruptcy (Solidarity U.S.A), Board of Who's Who of Youngstown (To help low-income or homeless find housing, food, clothing, jobs, etc.), Board of 7th Ward Citizen's Coalition (founding member and helped write the first constitution), Served on 2 Youngstown City School committees, Served on 2012 Youngstown City Charter Review Committee.
Positions on the issues All of the above issues I have stated above are relevant to make some of changes that will allow this area to grow and prosper. Someone new is now stepping up, that has not served in public office before, and is willing to take on the challenges to make improvements here for the constituents of the 58th district. This is Michael E. O'Hara.
Offices Sought Not Important.
Offices Held none