Mary Ann McMahon

Running for
ResidenceNiles, OH
EducationGraduate of Niles McKinley High School, YSU- BS in Ed Graduate work at YSU and Kent State University
FamilySpouse- Michael G. McMahon, Jr.
Sons- Michael McMahon, Tim McMahon
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningI feel Boards of Education should be a mix of different backgrounds and occupations. I feel my experience in Curriculum and as a teacher leader will bring a different perspective to the Niles Board of Education. Our recent district report cards do not reflect how hard our students are working, or how hard their teachers are working to help them succeed.
Priorities 1. Continue ALYCE training for all staff and update security procedures as they apply to new buildings.
2. Improve student attendance/ graduation rate.
3. Increase student achievement by evaluating resources to maximize student learning.
4. Maintain fiscal responsibility.
QualificationsClassroom teacher- 39 years. Dept. Head- Gr. 2-3 30 years Association officer- 15 years. Most recent-- President- 2005-2013

As a Department Head, I have written Courses of Study, Curriculum /Assessment Maps based on the Common Core. I have negotiated several contracts for the certified staff as a leader of the Niles Education Association.
Positions on the issues I am very concerned about the thousands of dollars of state monies being diverted to charter schools. Those students are not evaluated in the same way that local public schools are, and the local dollars lost are often used to improve student achievement. Unfunded mandates are enacted in the state legislatures, and then local school districts must amend their budgets to accommodate those changes, often cutting much needed programs, services and staff at the last minute.
Offices Sought None
Offices Held None