Mark Naples

Running for
ResidencePoland Township, OH
EducationPoland Seminary High School 1976 graduate Western Reserve Police Academy Attended Youngstown State University
EmployerOhio Edison - 34 years
FamilySpouse - Kathy
Child - Ciera Jade
Reasons for runningI am seeking re-election to continue my service as a political leader. As a resident for over forty years, I am proud of our community and the direction in which it is proceeding. Participating in local government and servicing the community's needs is one of the ways to enhance Poland's future. Serving as a government leader, I can plan for the growth and expansion of the township through effective management and fiscal responsibility. As future budget challenges surface due to decreased state funding, my years of experience and networking with local and state government officials and businesses can provide cost reductions in shared services and bulk purchasing.
Priorities My priority, if re-elected, is to continue to move forward on the growth and management of the township. Since my sixteen-year tenure as a member of the Board of trustees, the township has secured approximately 1.5 million dollars in grant funds for paving, storm water management, the recycling center, parks and police. Approximately two million dollars has been secured for the Western Reserve Fire District. In addition, I will continue to work with the boards and organizations for the expansion of the Poland Township Park, servicing soccer, baseball and other youth organizations. As the township continues to grow so must the services. Having an economic plan in place is good, sound management that both the residents and community as a whole will benefit. Continuing to maintain a close working relationship with Poland Village, area churches, and schools can further enhance the welfare of our community.
QualificationsI have served as a Poland Township Trustee for 16 years. Through my public service I have met the challenges and demands as a political leader with no new taxes during my entire four terms in office. My qualifications in planning and as a full-time, front line manager of the township, have resolved resident concerns dealing with police, roads, and land use. My qualifications also include, sitting board member of Edison Financial Credit Union with assets of approximately 46 million dollars, serving as Chairman, Poland Township Board of Trustees, and Chairman, Western Reserve Fire District. I have encouraged and will maintain complete accessibility to all Poland Township residents and township employees.
Positions on the issues My position just like any other political leader is to manage the day-to-day finances to make certain Poland Township has a strong economic future while balancing the economic downturns of shared funding. To continue to keep the professional services of the township and safety of the community is my top priority. I pledge to maintain the high standards of Poland's expectations through servicing the community as I have for the past sixteen years.
Offices Sought Poland Township Trustee
Offices Held Poland Township Trustee 1998-present