Mark Fulks

Running for
ResidenceBoardman, OH
EducationGraduate of Boardman High School in 1974. Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in 1978 with a degree in Astronautical Engineering.
EmployerUS Airways 1985-Present
FamilyWife-Lorraine, Owner, Treasured Moments Bridal and Formal Wear
Children-Heather 32, International Senior Consolidation Analyst at Heyster-Yale in Cleveland.
Shawn 27, Air Traffic Controller at Atlanta Center, Georgia.
Brett 21, Recent graduate of Community College of Beaver County, En-route Air Traffic Control, currently working there as a radar lab assistant.
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningI have a continued interest in ensuring the children of the Boardman community have the opportunity to receive an outstanding educaton. The oustanding educational, performing arts and athletic programs offered by the Boardman School system provide a great background for our students to pursue further interests. It is my goal to maintain the high quality education Boardman currently provides to all of our students.
Priorities My first priority is to always maintain the high academic standards required of an excellent school system and to meet the needs of all of our students. I will continue this effort in the same fiscally responsible manner we have operated in the past sixteen years. We have performed at the Excellent level on the State Report Card while maintaining a cost per pupil well below the state and similar district average. Where possible, I will support the use of shared services between districts to help control costs. I will continue our focus on upgrading the security of our buildings and providing our students at all grade levels with the technology innovations and training that they will need to succeed after graduation.
QualificationsSixteen years as a member of the Boardman Board of Education
Two terms as President and Vice President of the Board
Owner and operator of Treasured Moments Bridal which provides great insight into the personnel, finance and management issues of running a small business.
As an Instructor Pilot at US Airways I spend the majority of my time teaching fellow pilots the necessary skills to safely operate commercial aircraft. This provides me the opportunity to work in a classroom environment and stay abreast of the latest technological aids to education.
I am a member of the US Airways Pilot Association which gives me the opportunity to view decisions from a union perspective as well as management.
Positions on the issues Ohio has chosen to adopt the Common Core Educational standards. As a local representative, I will work to ensure our programs are meeting the needs of our students in these areas. The new State Report Card will reflect how schools perform based on these standards and our focus must be on ensuring that all students within our very diverse population have the chance to succeed.

Security remains a top priority within our district. We recently passed a replacement levy and we will use some of those funds to contract with security experts to ensure our students have the safest possible learning environment.

Drug abuse within the student population continues to be a major concern.
While fiscal constraints and proper administration of any testing program are difficult issues, we are currently forming committees to determine the best means to proceed beyond our current voluntary testing program.
Offices Sought Boardman Board of Education 1998-2013
Offices Held Boardman Board of Education 1998-2013