Marie Cartwright

Running for
ResidenceCanfield, OH
Education2010 Kent State University Elected Officials Academy Center for Public Administration & Public Policy 1987 attended Case Western Reserve: EMBA Program 1975 B.A. Kent State University: School of Journalism, minor Political Science 1971 Canfield High School
EmployerSelf–employed Public Relations & Marketing Consultant
FamilyMarried Wilbur M. Cartwright 1978 (deceased 1991)
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningSince taking office it has been necessary to take actions so the Township would remain in a strong financial condition during an extremely difficult economic time including negotiating union contracts and bringing them more in line with today’s economic environment while remaining fair; reviewing employee positions and numbers to determine what is needed to provide quality services; and remaining fiscally responsible while expanding services, purchasing equipment, and repairing/maintaining existing buildings and grounds.

It is necessary to continually review all systems and processes to make improvements in services and to ensure all resources are being utilized to their fullest extent.

It is important to have elected officials who will make the difficult decisions for the benefit of the majority and not the minority. I want to continue to provide that for our community and ensure there is accountability, fairness and transparency by the Trustees.
Priorities It is extremely important to continue to work jointly with Mahoning County Departments in order to secure sanitary and water lines as well as participating in shared services; including utilizing county equipment/services such as cameras to view damage to underground pipes, to joint programs including crack n’ seal, which the Township has since 2011.

Continue to reap the benefit of economies of scale by bidding and conducting joint programs with other Cities and Townships including this year’s joint road paving program which allowed us to pave an additional road since the job was bid with Austintown and Boardman Townships.

To continue to address, improve or update the Township’s infrastructure; for example, in the Tippecanoe area some of the storm systems were built in 1966 so the Trustees have submitted an application for Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant money to begin the project, “Tippecanoe Estates Storm Sewer Replacement and Pedestrian Safety Project Phase 1”, which could take 6 years and millions of dollars.

To get a water tower in the southeast quadrant of the Township ( Rt. 224 & Raccoon to Tippecanoe to Western Reserve to Raccoon). This project involves working with the County’s Sanitary Engineers Office, the Port Authority, and Cardinal Joint Fire District. The Sanitary Engineers Office has worked with the Trustees and submitted this project to OPWC.

Support the completion of the Zoning Code’s clarification and updating by an outside consulting company that has performed similar services for other Ohio Townships, with the involvement of the Zoning Board and Trustees.

Focus on securing grants for large and minor projects; such as, the OPWC grant to the More Grant, which provided $500 for qualified programs.
QualificationsMy experience as a Canfield Township Trustee since January 1, 2010, my knowledge of the community, my community involvement, my strong business and financial background, my position as a Cardinal Joint Fire District board member, provide me with a keen skill set and qualifications for this position.

2010 – Present Board of Trustees Cardinal Joint Fire Department (Trustee Representative)
2006 – 2010 Board of Trustees Cardinal Joint Fire Department (Township Representative)
1991- Spring 2013 Board of Directors, First Place Bank and its predecessor

Active Member Canfield Rotary and its many projects.
2010 Canfield Rotary-- President’s Choice Rotarian of the Year Award & Recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow

1991 Athena Recipient
1991 YWCA Woman of the Year Recipient

Positions on the issues The main issues deal with lack of sanitary and water lines in the Township especially in those areas that have failing or problematic septic systems, however the County is the authority for providing such lines so it is necessary to work with them and try to get the Township moved up on the County’s list.

Additionally, the water tower is extremely important and it will be necessary to have a game Plan 2 incase this project isn’t funded by OPWC. The continued growth in new homes and the increase of businesses along the 224 business corridor in the Township makes the tower an issue and an ongoing priority.

Keeping the Township fiscally strong is a key for its future, therefore maintaining our level of services while controlling overhead expenses is a necessity and an ongoing challenge in this economic climate.
Offices Sought Canfield Township Trustee November 3, 2009
Offices Held Canfield Township Trustee January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2013