Louis Chine Jr.

Running for
ResidenceAustintown, OH
EducationAustintown Fitch graduate, Class of 1969 Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship 4 yr. program
EmployerMorrone Mechanical
FamilyShelley Chine- wife of 37 years
Adam Chine- son
Aaron Chine- son
Lana & Lucy- granddaughters

Reasons for runningI have been a blue collar worker all of my life. I think it's time to get the common workers perspective on issues in our district. Austintown is blue collar, and it is time to have that representation. Also, the four years I was on the Board of Education we made a lot of positive strides in our district and I would like to continue in that direction.
Priorities Naturally, the children in the district and their education is number one. We are there now with our new schools, which are state of the art and second to none. Also, I have been a part of this community all my life and I want people in our district and outside of our district to look at Austintown and its schools in a positive way. We have to remove the negativity to move forward.
QualificationsI was on the Board for four years and had a very good relationship with the AEA, OAPSE, PTA, and all of our organizations. I think getting along with people doing positive things in the district makes for a smooth running district.
Positions on the issues Communication seems to be a big issue right now. I think having an open door policy with the Board members and administration is something that has to happen. There are too many people with questions and problems and don't know where or how to get answers. That then creates rumors and negativity. Every question deserves an answer.
Offices Held Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 396 Pension Fund Trustee 1987-2007
Austintown Board of Education 2008-2011