Linda Bolon (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceColumbiana, OH
EducationGraduate - East Palestine High School (Inducted into the Hall of Fame - Class of 2007) Graduate - Columbus University - Business and Secretarial Sciences Attended Kent State University - Major Accounting Continuing Education at the Ohio State University - Public Administration Continuing Education in advanced governmental accounting - Auditor of State Continuing Education in advanced public finance - Treasurer of State
EmployerSmall business owner and Chief Fiscal Officer of Capitol Development, Ltd., a consulting and energy resource company specializing in the needs of the emerging oil and gas industry within Northeast Ohio. If elected, Mrs. Bolon will divest her interests in the company to become Columbiana County’s full-time Treasurer.
FamilyThomas L. Bolon (The Bolon's will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary at the end of September)

Brenda Wise of Columbiana, Ohio

Leigh Ann Bartels of Holland, Michigan

Two granddaughters, Anna Wise, age 7 and Julia Wise, age 9 months
Reasons for runningDuring these difficult financial times I believe we need people with governmental accounting experience and I believe I possess the qualifications needed to get us through these tough times and move Columbiana County forward. I believe we need people like me who understand that government should stand by its citizens, not in their way. We must trust the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great, encourage progress and innovation while continuing to protect Ohio's hard working families.
Priorities As school districts face mounting financial challenges, the responsibilities of County Treasurers have multiplied. County Treasurers face growing pressures from local districts to expedite the tax collection process and increase efforts to collect on delinquent taxes. Mrs. Bolon will look to continue improving the processing function so that taxes may be distributed as quickly as possible. She plans to research the option of providing automatic withdrawal of taxes for real estate. This would be done on a voluntary basis with future plans for expansion.

Mrs. Bolon will continue to tackle the delinquency problem. She plans to utilize additional technology providing reminders to delinquent taxpayers regarding the status of their accounts.
QualificationsAs tighter budgets and increasing demands have been placed on local government the position of County Treasurer has evolved into an important occupation. Today’s Treasurer serves as the county’s Chief Investment Officer, the Administrator of sophisticated delinquent tax collection programs and the keeper of property tax escrow accounts. As a result, those that hold this position must be individuals who are highly trained in investment, cash management and financial planning strategies to properly manage and safeguard local funds.

Linda S. Bolon has served as Columbiana County Treasurer for six years. She is qualified and fully understands the challenges of the position. On her first day as our Treasurer she identified a balancing problem caused by a recent bank conversion and was able to quickly make the correction. She also studied the investment accounts and quickly identified a much needed change which resulted in an additional $100,000 in revenue for the County.

She improved security measures, tightened internal controls, made certain staff were cross-trained, computerized many labor intensive operations and by the time the second half tax collection was completed that year she had improved processing time by three weeks.

Mrs. Bolon designed a new tax bill which provides detailed information on how the taxpayers’ money is distributed. Taxpayers are now better informed and can make wiser decisions on issues at the ballot box. Additionally, she designed a web site that provided the taxpayer with valuable information regarding how property is taxed and the process for filing a tax appeal.

Recognizing the condition of the office and the need to provide a more professional updated look Mrs. Bolon took on the difficult task of renovating the Treasurer’s office. With limited funds, donations from the community and hard work she was able to improve the look and functionality of the office and improved operations.

As Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Bolon was responsible for approximately $200 million dollars which passed through the Treasurer’s office, annually. She was responsible for the collection and distribution of $50 million in real estate taxes, $8 million in personal property taxes and approximately $500,000 in manufactured home taxes, annually. She was also responsible for maintaining a $40 million dollar portfolio where she carefully monitored treasury notes, agency notes, certificates of deposit, money market accounts and commercial paper.

She was also active in the State Treasurers’ Association, working on legislative issues that concerned the taxpayer. Later, as a State Representative she was known as the “go to” legislator for complicated financial legislation.

Mrs. Bolon has spent a lifetime of putting people first. She took a great deal of time working with people who were delinquent with their taxes. She was able to set up payment plans and refer individuals to credit counseling when needed. She established credit card services and installment plans to make paying taxes easier.

If elected, she will return to her former position with greater knowledge and a more driven purpose to serve the citizens of Columbiana County to the best of her ability.
Positions on the issues In private industry we encourage individuals to build their resume and climb the ladder of success.

And just like my friends in the private sector, I have worked hard to climb the ladder and to gain the necessary specialized accounting skills needed in the field of government.

As your former State Representative I worked hard to obtain a position of leadership in order to provide additional opportunity for Columbiana County.

As your former Treasurer I worked hard to streamline the office and provide optimum efficiency in the distribution of taxes to our local governments.
Offices Sought State Representative, District One - 129th General Assembly (2010)
Offices Held State Representative, District One (2007-2010)
Columbiana County Treasurer - (1999 - 2006)
Councilwoman - City of East Palestine (1995 - 1999)