Lewis Jackson Jr.

Running for
ResidenceCampbell, OH
EducationCampbell Memorial Grad.
FamilyWife--Mary Ann
Family in office?None
Reasons for running My time spent as city administrator and councilman was very interesting work. I enjoyed working with the police,fire,and street department. I worked closely with the grant writer and fire chief to obtain the grant for the new firetruck. This truck was 600,000 dollars with a match of 30,000 from the city. This will help us get our insurance rates down.
I also worked with the previous mayor to clean the brownfield area and bring jobs to the city. I want to be around to see this area completed and the city get back to what I remember it being.
Priorities To work with the Clean Ohio Grant people to see the project concluded.
I will work city engineer to get grants for street paving that is badly needed. We can,t just keep doing two or three partial areas and expect to complete the job. I will continue to work with department heads and let them do their jobs. I learned while being a supervisor in the mill that the person doing the job know the best way to get things done the easiest way.
I would also like to get younger age groups involved in all aspects of running the city.

Qualifications City Admin. under two different mayors.
City councilman
I have a good working relationship with all departments which is badly needed. I also think I can get things done through working with council and their president. I work well with property owners in the city and also the brownfield area.
Positions on the issues Issues in the city as far as elected people and their hospitalization, we are well on our way to solving this issue.
If the owners of the brownfield area complete their projects as planned we will be looking to keep our firemen and the department. The past mayors always said the only reason we had a fire department was because of the mill,and the jobs down there so if get more jobs we should keep our department.
Offices Sought Fourth Ward Councilman Aug. 1st 2000
Offices Held City Admin. 2008 through Feb. 2011.