Larry Wehr

Running for
ResidenceNorth Lima, OH
Education1979 South Range High School 1985 Ohio State University School of Natural Resources
EmployerAqua America (27 Years)
FamilyWife Becky, Three Sons, Aaron, Evan, & Adam
Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningTo continue to have an active role in the community in which I have lived for over 47 years.
Priorities To continue to provide the level of public service this community desires in the most affordable manner; To maintain strong safety services in the Police, Fire, and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Departments, maintain all township roads, provide clean and safe parks, and a fair and comprehensive Zoning Department; To continue to recognize the value of each township dollar by asking our residents for no more than is needed to fulfill the responsibilities of township government.
QualificationsI have worked in management with Aqua America for 27 years and served as Beaver Township Trustee for nearly 16 years. Through this employment experience, I have worked to create strong interpersonal relationships including oversight of other employees, and I have gained a wealth of budgetary knowledge and responsibility, as well as public speaking skills.
Positions on the issues The direct regulation of gas and oil resources in our community is beyond the authority of township government. However, when drilling activity is present within our township, it is our responsibility to help hold these businesses accountable, in part, by informing our residents to have their water wells tested, by monitoring trucking activity on township roads, and by being attentive to other auxiliary drilling activities that may fall within the control of township authority.
Offices Held Beaver Township Trustee