Larry Dinopoulos

Running for
ResidencePoland Township, OH
EducationPoland Seminary High School 1981 Case Western Reserve University 1985 BS Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry DDS 1987
EmployerSelf-Employed Dentist 25 years
30 N. Main St Poland, Ohio
Mitchell 19
Cameron 18
Brooke 11
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningTo continue the work of the current Board in helping keep the Poland Schools Excellent
Priorities 1. Continue to upgrade security at all schools including the presence of police in the schools
2. Review possible realignment of elementary schools to provide better efficiency both educationally as well as financially
3. Complete review and update of all board policies
4. Complete review of transportation with implementation of technology to aid in the process
5. Transition the school from no smart phones in school to bring technology to school and use this great resource to improve the educational process
6. Continue the transition to the Common Core as well as the new teacher evaluation system
7. Providing the policies needed to keep Poland an excellent school district
QualificationsHelped guide the Board through one of its most tumultuous times in history including the hiring of an Interim as well as a new Superintendent. Dealing with major cuts in state funding, making necessary cuts and eventually passing a much needed levy.Kept campaign promises of increasing accountability, transparency and consistency by allowing public comment as well as dialogue at all board meetings including work sessions; all recent hires were done by committee and both the Superintendent and Board abided by the committee recommendations; corroboration with administrators, teachers board members and most importantly the public as was seen during the levy campaign as well as the hiring process for the new Superintendent.
Served on committee for the new OTES evaluation system.
Positions on the issues To help provide the kids of Poland the highest quality education possible in the safest and most nurturing environment in the most cost efficient manner to the tax payers.
Offices Sought Poland Board of Education Nov 2009
Offices Held Poland Board of Education 2010-2013