Kimberly Poma (Republican)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
Educationgraduate and valedictorian of Poland High School, 1975 Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (BEIE) from Youngstown State University, 1980 Masters Level coursework in business at Penn State University Capital Campus and in English at Youngstown State University
EmployerAtty Elizabeth Bernard, LLC., 4137 Boardman Canfield Road, Canfield, Ohio, 44406 (2011-present) [assistant and technical writer]
FamilyJames Paul Poma (deceased)
Jonathan Paul Poma
Ivy Elizabeth Poma
Family in office?n/a
Reasons for runningThe role of a representative to the House is to carry the concerns and issues of the citizenry to Columbus. The people of Mahoning County deserve a voice that understands their challenges and concerns. I have actually been there as an employee, an employer, a public servant, and a community volunteer and have crossed paths with people from all walks of life. I want to be their voice at the "People's House" and will work tirelessly and passionately to make the differences they deserve.
Priorities Regulations and the tax structure make business growth and job creation difficult. The economy has, yet again, strongly impacted the people of the Valley. I would fight hard for a business climate that encourages businesses to come here and stay here, creating jobs and building economic stability.

A strong and relevant education for all children is a priority to me and should be a priority to all legislators in Ohio. An education focus that allows children's individual strengths and skills to be nurtured, rather than forcing them into a minimum-accomplishment level of education, would generate citizens that are productive and fulfilled, and would help fill the jobs that have been coming, and hopefully will continue to come, to our area.

While I understand the theory behind school choice, I do not understand the concept of funding non-performing schools off the backs of excellent districts. A good common-sense review of school finance with the input of people who have been intricately involved in the school systems in Ohio would be a priority of mine.
QualificationsI have 30+ years of manufacturing experience, primarily as a business owner in the Valley and understand the rewards and challenges businesses in Mahoning County and Ohio face. I appreciate a cooperative and collaborative relationship with employees, vendors, customers, and services and have always worked successfully to establish those relationships.

My involvement in the education system has given me a first-hand view of the need for a strong and relevant education for all children in Ohio. As well, serving as a school board member has enabled me to understand school finance and the establishment of education standards in Ohio.

I have served as a community volunteer in a number of capacities. That service has enabled me to appreciate the work of so many fine organizations, but even more so the social needs that motivate them to do the work that they do.
Positions on the issues Jobs and the Economy:
Ohio has made great strides in creating an economic and work-force-ready climate that encourages businesses to come here and stay here. I support the work that has been done over the past few years in this direction and would make sure that the Mahoning Valley is not forgotten in future economic development.

The development of the Utica and Marcellus shale industry in our area is a glimmer of hope we have not seen for generations. The encouragement of responsible growth of this industry is critical to the economic stability and for jobs for the people who live here.

The concept of a public education as a priority for ALL children at the public's expense is unique to America and dates to the mid-1800s. However, that concept is at risk. ALL children deserve a strong education and getting one becomes less and less possible as funding is redirected from performing schools. School funding must be fixed and, as declared by the courts in Ohio, become less dependent on the taxes of property owners.
Offices Sought Boardman Local Schools Board of Education member,
sought in November 2001 for term starting January 1, 2002--elected
sought in November 2005 for term starting January 1, 2006--elected
sought in November 2009 for term starting January 1, 2010--elected
Offices Held Boardman Local Schools Board of Education member, January 1, 2002 to present