Kimberly Poma

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
Educationgraduate Poland High School Bachelor Industrial Engineering-YSU Graduate coursework in Business-Penn State; in English/Professional Writing and Editing-YSU
EmployerAttorney Elizabeth A. Bernard, LLC, 4137 Boardman Canfield Road, Canfield, OH, 44406; clerk/technical writer; February 2011 - present
FamilySpouse: James Poma, deceased 2005
Children: Jonathan age 28 (BHS class of 2003)(married to Whitney) and Ivy (BHS class of 2007) age 25
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI love Boardman Schools. After volunteering in the district as a PTA member and on several committees, I decided to step to the next level as a Board of Education Member. In that capacity I have had the honor of working with many fine people to provide an excellent education to the children in Boardman. Because a school is the centerpiece of a community, I find this of extreme importance and hope to continue to do so. There are no special interests or agendas...just the desire to contribute.
Priorities -continue to earn excellent rating (increasing our grade of B to A) with the state

-continue to maintain balanced budget

-support the changes necessary to make our district safer for our students

-work to establish successful agreements in 2013 with our unions

-encourage long-term planning on behalf by the board focusing on a succession plan and continued instruction modifications to meet the needs of all students
QualificationsMy professional background has exposed me to responsible fiscal management and budget development, long-term planning, personnel management, etc. My volunteer experience brings a valuable qualification in that it has allowed me to see our staff and students in action. I have developed an immeasurable love for the students and appreciate each child's uniqueness; I tremendously respect the work done by our talented and compassionate staff every day. As a Board member and as a PTA volunteer, I have not only spent time in each of our buildings with parents, staff, and students, but have a garnered a broad knowledge of school funding, policy development, & the legislative issues that impact our schools and community.

These qualifications have been enhanced by my tenure on the board. Our leadership team, cooperatively with a dedicated staff and strong support of the community, has been able to earn an excellent standing with the state for 10 of the past 12 years.
Positions on the issues -I believe in the concept of school choice, but the current structure in Ohio has only harmed public education. The lack of standards for charters has, for the most part, has failed the children whose parents have selected that route. The funding structure has harmed public schools, taking disproportionate amounts of money away from those often effective and excellent while requiring them to constantly do more with less. All in all, few children are being better served in Ohio under this structure. My position is that our legislators must even the playing field and focus more on our students and less on special interests.

-Common Core has become a very controversial issue. While I believe the mobility of our society requires consistent standards across the country, I strongly value local control. Since the real details of the standards of Common Core and the related testing and text are undetermined and/or unavailable for review and input, it is my position that our board must stay educated and aware of the progress and effect of Common Core and, relying upon the input of our own professional staff, determine the level in which it will be present in our schools.

-The need for additional income for our school districts due to reduced funding has caused many to opt for open enrollment. Though in practice it causes districts to steal students from other schools rather than support each other as peers, our board has certainly considered the option. I question whether open enrollment is really profitable in that the amount received is less than the annual cost to educate a student. However, we have taken so many cost-cutting measures that open enrollment remains on the table. My position is that it should be a last resort.

-I am extremely grateful for the efforts of Boardman Boosters to raise funds for a new stadium/sports complex. I respect the history of Boardman football and the location of the current stadium but believe that it has reached a stage of near disrepair and questionable safety. While we make the repairs we can to maintain a safe place for our athletes and fans every year, the new stadium would better address those concerns and create a beautiful athletic hub for our community. I support the Boosters in their efforts and recognize that at some point the district and the community may have to consider supplementing the project.
Offices Sought I first sought & was elected to the Boardman Board of Education in 2001 for the term starting in 2002, and was re-elected in 2005 and 2009.

I also sought a seat to the House of Representatives in 2012.
Offices Held I have served on the Boardman Board of Education since 2002.