Kathy Mock

Running for
ResidenceAustintown, OH
EducationBachelor of Science in Education, Mount Union College Masters of Science in Education, Youngstown State University
Employer1. United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley
2. Youngstown State University, Beeghly College of Education
FamilyTom Mock,husband
John Mock, son
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningI believe in the public school system. I believe that the school system is the cornerstone of a community like Austintown where families build strong relationships with neighbors and friends. Most importantly, I want to be an advocate for students and their families at all levels of education and help ensure their futures. And I believe my background in education at all levels enables me to help our community develop strategies and policies that strengthen our learning opportunities.

Priorities - Working to continue ensuring the safety and security of our students and staff.
- Continue to help ensure that every child is provided with the opportunities and tools required for a quality learning environment.
- Provide clear communication to our community on the many process and policy changes handed down by the state Department of Education.
- Be accountable, responsible and accessible to our community stakeholders
QualificationsI have been involved in many facets of education as a student, elementary teacher, university instructor, university student-teacher supervisor, administrator and now a director of education and initiatives. These various experiences across differing levels of education have provided me with valuable opportunities and experiences that are beneficial in enhancing my responsibilities and duties as a member of the Austintown Board of Education.
Positions on the issues Relevant issues are unique to each school district. Our district has been focused on the completion of 2 new buildings. A large piece was assuring that the schools were safe and secure not just from weather and natural disasters, but issues that are indicative of the times including school violence, intruders and even terrorist threats. We set in motion a safety committee to lay out a comprehensive plan. A key and beneficial outcome was to place police presence in all our schools through a strengthened partnership with the Austintown Police Department.

Ohio needs to find alternative sources of funding for public education other than the property tax system.

School and District Report Cards should be simplified and streamlined. Assure all components are in place before reporting. There are far too many undetermined and misunderstood parts of the new report card system. Teachers, administrators and communities deserve clearer information.
Offices Sought Austintown Board of Education, elected 2009
Offices Held Austintown Board of Education, 2010-current