Kathleen Purdy (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceAlliance, OH
EducationAlliance City Schools Kent State University Ashland University
EmployerPlain Local School District
Mr. Rowland M. Purdy, Sr. (deceased)
Staff Sgt. 1st Class Rowland M. Purdy, Jr.
Ms. Valerie M. Purdy
Family in office?No
Time in areaI've lived in this area for 57 years.
Reasons for runningI am running to advocate for women and children because I have experienced childhood poverty and a middle class environment enriched by educational opportunities.
Neither of my parents were fortunate to graduate high school, however, successfully raised 7 children whom all were high school graduates and able to find full-time employment.
Priorities My priorities, if elected, is to establish incentives for companies to locate in the area, examine reforms for school districts so they can cut their costs by addressing the unfunded state mandates and to target the Route 30 extension into Route 11 from East Canton into Columbiana and State Route 62 from NE Alliance into Mahoning County. I would also address the retraining and support systems to allow unwed fathers to contribute to child support rather than sit in county jails while their children and mothers continue to struggle.
QualificationsMy early job positions were entry level immediately following high school. I managed to begin college and graduate, with honors, after 16 years, while holding down a full-time job. I was honored as a Stark County Bar Association Law-related Teacher of the Year after my second year in the classroom. Over 8,000 public school employees were part of the East Central Ohio Education Association while I served outstandingly as the district president. Still I continue to advocate for children and families, on a daily basis, as a middle school teacher.
Positions on the issues I am in support of the National Education Standards and Health Care Reform. I am in support of the unemployment benefits being extended, our military service men and women being supported, domestic violence having tougher penalties and the creation of longstanding jobs that pays affordable wages and benefits. I am in support of citizens whom have contributed to the social security system and worked under private pension systems be afforded to right to draw their benefits from both sources.