Juanita Rich

Running for
ResidenceCampbell, OH
EducationNettleton High School in Arkansas, Choffin Career Center degree in Surgical Technology, Certified Surgical Technologist and recently elected as a member of the Board of Surgical Technologists for the State of Ohio
EmployerSurgical Technologist at Southwoods Surgical Hospital
FamilyHusband Ronald, daughters Jessica and Jennifer
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningContinue my efforts from when I was a Councilwoman to increase street paving in Campbell, and to tear down the blight in the 4th Ward. On Council, I had dozens of dilapidated houses torn down in the 4th Ward.
I will work to create a beautiful and attractive landscape at the corner of Coitsville Road and Woodland Avenue that will be maintained by the City.
Priorities I will focus on economic development by enticing new businesses to locate in Campbell. Also, beautifying and improving Roosevelt Park by purchasing new playground equipment and overhauling all park pavilions. I will focus on creating a Community Center in Campbell that will benefit both our young people and our senior citizens.
QualificationsNine years as 4th Ward Councilwoman and one year as Council President.
Chair of various Council committees including Finance, Public Utilities/Waterworks, and Mini-Bus.
Positions on the issues One of my top priorities will be to bring back the Mini-Bus, which my opponent voted to eliminate. The Mini-Bus was not that expensive to operate, and it was a great service for our senior citizens that must be returned. As Chair of the Council Mini-Bus Committee, I expanded and improved the Mini-Bus service for our senior citizens.
As the City comes out of fiscal emergency, I will work to create beneficial new services for our citizens, while also keeping a tight rein on city finances. I was one of the key leaders in the effort to pass the 2010 levy, without which it would have been impossible for the City of Campbell to have gotten out of fiscal emergency.
Offices Sought 4th Ward Council, Campbell Council President, Mayor of Campbell
Offices Held Campbell 4th Ward Councilwoman 1989-1995, 2007-2011
Campbell Council President 2011