Josh Mandel (Republican)

Running for
ResidenceColumbus, OH
EducationThe Ohio State University, 2000; J.D., Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 2003
EmployerState of Ohio, Treasurer
FamilyMarried to Ilana Mandel
Reasons for runningOhioans from all walks of life and political affiliation tell me daily of their concerns about how the out-of-control federal spending, massive national debt and federal government’s antagonism to American businesses is putting Ohio families and job-creators at a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. Stemming from this deep concern about the direction of our country, a number of Ohioans from across the political spectrum – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – have asked me to run for the U.S. Senate against Sherrod Brown.

Our country is at a serious crossroads, and many are concerned that we may not have another six years to wait before getting it back on track. In order to carry on the American Dream and ensure America’s best days are still ahead, we must elect leaders with the backbone to fix the problems that ultra-partisan politicians like Sherrod Brown have created over decades in Washington. This is the call that I am stepping forward to accept.
Priorities Creating a business-friendly, pro-growth environment to foster job creation in Ohio and America is the highest priority of our campaign. I strongly believe that common sense tax reforms, the repeal of government run healthcare and the elimination of over burdensome agency regulations on small businesses are crucial to the recovery of our state and national economies. Affordable, abundant and reliable energy is critical for a growing economy. Affordable energy is instrumental to every aspect of the American economy, from agriculture, to retail, to transportation, to manufacturing. My Jobs Plan calls for aggressive and responsible exploration of our natural resources – especially natural gas.
QualificationsAs Ohio Treasurer, I have focused my time and energy on making our office the most efficient, fiscally responsible, well-run Treasurer’s office in the nation. The successes achieved in the Treasurer’s office combined with my strong record as a State Legislator, City Councilman and U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, have prepared me to serve Ohioans in the United States Senate. As Treasurer, I have served as a watchdog of Ohio’s taxpayer dollars. As America’s federal credit rating was downgraded, I earned the highest rating possible on the investment funds I manage and recently earned an upgrade in the credit rating for the Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund, marking the first time in nearly 10 years that program has been upgraded.
Positions on the issues Please visit my website,, to learn where I stand on the important issues and challenges facing Ohioans today.
Offices Held City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, City Councilman, (2004-2006); State Representative (District 17), (2007-2010); State Treasurer, (2011 – present)