Joanne Wollet

Running for
ResidencePoland Township, OH
EducationGraduate of Ursuline High School Graduate of St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nuclear Medicine Technology Registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology Certified by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
EmployerNuclear Medicine per diem consultant
FamilyHarry J. Wollet ; husband, married 28 years
Jillian Wollet 23; daughter, Graduate student at Yale University
Luke Wollet 21; son, Senior at Kent State University
Adam Wollet 17; son, Junior at Poland Seminary High School

Family in office?None
Reasons for runningI believe that township government should be responsive to the needs and concerns of the residents. As Poland grows, it's important that we maintain a clean, safe and vibrant community . Also as a trustee, it is important to make sure all monies are used in an prudent manner. Lastly, I plan on being a full time trustee to fully service the families of our community.
Priorities 1. I want to have a complete review of the township's finances and inventories.
2. Make Poland Township government more user friendly though an improved website, better use of social media outlets and more opportunities for residents to communicate with their township trustees.
3. To be fiscally responsible so our residents never have to pay new taxes.
4. Make sure monthly meetings are at times which are convenient for our residents to attend.
5. To insist that all our township business is handled in a transparent manner.
QualificationsExperience working with government agencies on federal and state levels while in charge of a nuclear diagnostic facility. I treated my patients with kindness and compassion; important traits for successful public service.
Positions on the issues 1. Maintain our towship's infrastructure
2. Continue our recycling center
3. Work closely with our schools to seek funding to maintain the position of resource officer
4. Continue to enhance our Poland Park system
5. Make sure our safety service forces have all the resources they need to do their job in the most effective manner
Offices Sought None
Offices Held None