Jerry Greene (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceBoardman, OH
EducationBoardman High School - 1984 Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy - 1989 Ohio Corrections Officer's Training Academy - 1991 Youngstown State University - BS in Criminal Justice with Minor in Business Management - 2000 Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy - 2008
EmployerMahoning County Sheriff's Office
Director of Support Services
FamilyWife - Barbara
Son - Alan 22
Daughter - Hannah 11
Daughter - Jenna 6
Family in office?None
Time in areaI have been a life long resident of Mahoning County.
Reasons for runningHaving been a lifelong resident of Mahoning County and having worked my entire law enforcement career with the Mahoning County Sheriff's Office, I have worked for good Sheriffs and Sheriffs who were not so good. We currently have a great Sheriff in Randall Wellington, and I am honored by his support. It is my goal to continue with the honesty, integrity and the moral work ethic that he has instilled within the Sheriff's Office. I know firsthand what the department has gone through and where the strengths are with the staff. Whereas my opponents both have distinguished careers as police chiefs, a township or municipal police department is vastly different from the day to day operations of an Ohio Sheriff's Office. Patroling and criminal investigation is but a small portion of the duties of Sheriff. The Sheriff is mainly responsible for maintaining the county jail and servicing the county courts. These are duties I have done my entire career. I have also witnessed just how detrimental budget cuts within the Sheriff's Office can be and I have been part of the efforts that were done to maintain as many services as possible throughout these tough financial times. I do not trust anyone else to lead the Sheriff's Office through these times.
Priorities My priorities are to ensure that the Mahoning County Jail is fully open, fully operational and adequately staffed. As Sheriff, the best way to create a safer community and to support other local law enforcment agencies is to provide a secure location for our area's criminals to be incarcerated. I want to implement a full time grant and policy writer to make sure that every dollar in state and federal funding is made available to the Sheriff's Office. I want to institute a fee for those sentenced criminal offenders who serve their time in the Mahoning County Jail. I want to re-establish relationships with the U.S Marshall Service and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to determine if the Mahoning County Jail can increase revenues from the housing of federal prisoners. And most importantly, I look forward to working with local government officials, i.e., the prosecutor, the judges and especially the county commissioners to ensure that the Sheriff's Office is appropriately funded.
QualificationsBachelors of Science in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Business Management from Youngstown State University - 2000.
Promoted to the supervisory rank of Sergeant in July of 2003 and again, promoted to the supervisory rank of captain in May 2007. Promoted to Director of Support Services in October 2011.
Positions on the issues 1.Running a fully operational jail while being fiscally responsible.
2.Providing patrols for all the unincorporated areas of mahoning county.
3.Providing service to the area courts.
4.Ensuring that government corruption within the Sheriff's Office remains a thing of the past.

The most relavant and important issue is ensuring that the Mahoning County Sheriff department is funded properly. If cut backs are neccessary, they should be equal to all departments in the county.I would love to tell you that I will be doing more with less, however, our department has been doing that for years. We are no longer trimming the fat, we are cutting into the muscle.If everyone works together, we can overcome many of our funding issues.

Offices Sought I have never sought any public office until now.
Offices Held I have never held any public office.