Janet Tarpley (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationYoungstown Public Schools South High School 1984 Youngstown State University BS General Studies (Labor Relations/Sociology)
EmployerMahoning County Juvenile Court
300 East Scott Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
26 years employed
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI want to help local government move their cities and township forward. By working together effectively with local officals, more can get done locally.

I believe I have a good understanding of local issues thus I will be able to make those issues a priority on the state level. This can be done by working across the aisle with the current leadership.
I think this is the impact that is missing from the district.

I would listen to my constituents and I would also listen to other officals. I see a need to have open communication and meet with other officals regularly.
Priorities Economic Development/jobs
Education/Degree/Skill Trades
QualificationsMy experience I have obtain on council have given me the qualification to be more effective on the state level. My understanding of the process on how issues get solved in committee meetings, will make the transition of being on council to the state house much easier for me to be more effective.
I am currently doing the job on a smaller scale.

I have worked hard for my ward by creating a sidewalk program, reducing blight, building up the uptown business district, improving the infrastructure, and the renovation of homes.

Together with my colleagues on council we have retained V & M star steel, created the CIRV Program, created an enviornment that is good for downtown development,kept the city in the black financially, we are currently working from a profit with the Covelli Center and we have well over 500 new jobs at 20 Federal Plaza.
Positions on the issues Economic Development and Jobs/ Education: We must have a good workforce that will help lure companies to the District this can be achieved by increasing education be it college degree or skill trades. Training our young people in the skill trades and retrain our older workers who have lost his/her job will make our area more marketable and diverse. We also must have specialist in the service field.(A diverse economy and a diverse workforce).

Infrastructure: Improving our infrastructure will also help to lure business to the District. We want our district infrastructure to be updated,thus allowing different markets to be housed here rather they use trucks, railroads, or aircraft to get their product out. Healthy infrastructure increases the quality of life as well.
Offices Sought Youngstown City Council 2007
Offices Held Youngstown City Council 2008 to present