Jamael Brown (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
Education2005 Masters of Education Degree in Counseling, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio 1995 Bachelor of Arts Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio 1990 Diploma, The Rayen School, Youngstown, Ohio
EmployerMahoning County Treasurer’s Office
120 Market Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
FamilyWife: Lynette C. Frost-Brown

Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningI am running to be the next Mayor of Youngstown because I want to continue the forward progress that has been started by Mayor Williams and continued by Mayor Sammarone. As Mayor, I want to continue focusing on Youngstown being known for the positive things that are happening, not the negative images of the past, WE CAN'T AFFORD TO GO BACK. I want to continue to build relationships with other municipalities like with Mayor Melfi of Girard and the V&M Project that will promote greater private investment in Youngstown. I am a lifelong resident of Youngstown and I have sincere passion and love for this city. Youngstown is moving forward and I plan to continue making this a city that I can raise my family in.
Priorities 1. As Mayor, job retention and growth will be the number one priority of my administration, it will be an all-out war on living wage jobs. We will partner with YSU, Gateway Community College, National College, and various trade schools and organizations to ensure that we have a workforce that is educated and prepared when we are recruiting for new business.

2. Crime and safety, because I believe that everyone should feel safe no matter what neighborhood you live in.

3. Demolition and removal of blight, to improve the quality of life for the families in the community.

4. Private and public investment in the neighborhoods to ensure that we can foster growth in the neighbors and community.

QualificationsThe job of a Mayor is to solve problems, whether they are about budgets or neighborhood nuisance, no matter how big or small.

I have first hand experience with solving problems of the neighborhoods as a councilman. I know what it takes to shut down a drug house, to remove a blighted property, and improve the quality of life issues (IE... loud music, nuisance homes, landlord set outs, city ordinance compliance)

Positions on the issues Economic Development
As Mayor, I would offer economic incentives and grants that promote an atmosphere of expansion and locating here. I will focus on helping businesses that are already doing business here to stay in business with revolving loans for upgrade and improvements for expansion. We will make job creation priority #1 by supporting the retention and expansion of local businesses. As, mayor, I will promote and create an atmosphere that invites private investment from small business investors. We will assign a liaison who will walk the business owner through the entire process from start to finish.

As mayor, I will partner with local unions, colleges and trades organizations to develop outreach and training to ensure that we have an educated and trained workforce. Every city department will be involved and educated on the economic development process. As mayor, I will market Youngstown with Modern Tools: with the boost in sophisticated, online marketing tools, we will tell the 'Youngstown story' to companies around the world with modern marketing methods, like marketing videos, attending various business trade shows, and develop relationships with organizations like Tweet my-jobs to help promote job expansion and growth.

I am not opposed to regionalization of governmental services as long as it does not affect the delivery and access of services. I am a firm believer that greater access and better customer service has to be the number one goal and objective when considering regionalization. Youngstown must respectfully reach out to township trustees, area mayors, and county leaders to build greater relationships with other municipalities like Girard Mayor Melfi and the V&M Project. Business retention and growth will depend on regional partners (IE… JEDD and JEDZ) – to regain the benefits of strong regional collaboration and cooperation.

Covelli Centre
As Mayor, I would like to keep the Covelli Centre a city owned facility. Although the center is located in Youngstown, it is truly a regional attraction for the Mahoning Valley. As mayor, I will court local and national hotel owners to develop and build hotels near the Covelli Center. I will focus on partnering with a community development corporation to assist and develop the area directly adjacent to the center, like the development that occurred in cities like San Antonio, Texas and Columbia, South Carolina.

Crime & Safety
We must be proactive on fighting crime in our neighborhoods so that every citizen would feel safe in their home no matter where they live. Provide our first responders with the tools and technology to their job in the most efficient and effective manner possible. A hands on approach from the mayor and administration, (knock & talk approach). Deal with the broken window syndrome and provide and give consistent follow-through to the community. We will work directly with Ohio Edison and focus on making sure that there is adequate street lighting in all residential neighborhoods and all corridors of the city.

Explore creating a 311 non-emergency system to promote response time by beat patrol. Take advantage of technology by providing e-mail and text alerts on crime alerts of issue in specific neighborhood (map trends in all parts of city). Also building a greater relationship in neighborhoods and getting officers out of patrol cars (community patrol). Develop a city wide surveillance camera system in main corridors and high crime areas using data from crime mapping information, like those used in cities like New York and London, England to reduce crime.

We will focus on creating and developing a secure 21st Century Court System & space. Police the quality of life issues ( police the small stuff). Train and educate business owners on security & protection. Work towards "Neighborhood Precincts” (store fronts and fire stations), which allows police officers to react quicker to crime and build relationships in the neighborhood they serve.

Form Police/Community Partnerships and work with police leadership to find better ways to connect patrol officers with the residents they are sworn to protect, including reorienting patrol to keep officers and captains in familiar neighborhoods and teaching citizens how the police department really works.

Implement a sensible, targeted demolition plan of abandoned structures in neighborhoods. Focus on empowering neighborhood leadership: A neighborhood’s needs are best known by those that live there, provide networking opportunities to connect neighborhood leadership – such as block clubs, seniors groups, business associations, and neighborhood organizations – with city leadership, empowering them to efficiently strengthen their neighborhoods.

Broadening Access to Fresh, Local, and Healthy Food: will expand access to fresh, local, affordable, and healthy foods by working with organizations and companies to promote community gardens, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, as well as nutrition and gardening education in every Youngstown neighborhood. Focus on beautifying all gateways into the city.

As Mayor, all City Hall departments will make improving housing a priority, because vacant homes are a breeding ground for crime. We will make clean-up of vacant homes a priority by rehabing them for new families, replacing them with new homes, converting them into community gardens, combining them with neighboring properties, or turning them into green space.

As mayor, I will focus on developing an urban planning staff/interns who can create neighborhood plans throughout the city in various neighborhood to help those "middle neighborhoods" go from good to great with a neighborhood plan and development strategies, like what is happening in Chicago by Mayor Emanuael. We will focus on private and public partnerships for investment in the neighborhoods.

City Government
We must become a leaner, smarter government and make practical cuts to all departments. Utilize technology to help do more with less. Create plans that adjust for attrition (strategic hiring). Foster a culture of customer service across all city hall departments, so that everyone can justify the space they occupy in City Hall. City hall must show greater transparency (take City Hall to the Neighborhoods). Focus on regionalism and joint partnerships opportunities. As Mayor I will conduct City hall meetings in the wards on a regular basis. As Mayor I will promote Televised City Council Meeting. City hall will focus on going green and becoming a paperless system. Provide follow through with citizens on all issues by increasing citizen communication (inform citizens on a regular basis on what the city is working on via text messages, twitter, and facebook). We will conduct neighborhood surveys on how city hall is performing, by conducting community meetings in the neighborhoods on a regular basis with department heads and the mayor. Citizens will be asked to grade their city government on a regular basis: City hall staff and myself will canvass door to door to get feedback from citizens on city services and customer service access. Also partner with an independent entity, such as Youngstown State University, to conduct an annual survey of residents and produce a city progress report based on citizens feedback. As Mayor, I will move Youngstown into the 21st century and conduct long distance meetings with web conferencing and other modern technologies commonly used by corporations to reduce costs while tapping into international opportunities. Build a Qualified Cabinet Based on real needs. trategically hire for each position in the executive cabinet based on its effectiveness. Expand Discussion Through Video: online video and the public access TV channel to educate residents about current issues facing the city and the alternative approaches being considered, so residents can make their views known in a thoughtful and informed manner. Increase technology in city hall.

Provide citizen updates on projects and programs on a regular basis increase communication avenues (twitter, facebook, e-mail, linkedin, instagram). Create greater access to do business on-line for transactions. Bring “City Hall for a Day” to Your Neighborhood. Take City Hall throughout the wards, allowing citizens to easily bring their questions and needs directly to their city officials and department heads. As mayor, I will increase transparency by disclosing the city’s budget & financial data online in a format people can understand. Participate in community outreach events to educate community on city services and programs.

As mayor, I will work hand in hand with the Youngstown City Schools superintendent and school board to help with improving the school system. I would ask for a seat at the table locally and statewide, when decisions are being made about the future of the school district.

As mayor, I will do everything possible to keep Cardinal Mooney located in the City of Youngstown. I will focus on creating a neighborhood development plan around the school that will focus on blight removal and greater access to the school from Market street and South Avenue.

Youth engagement
As mayor I will create a youth advisory council and get youth involved in city issues. Seek youth input to reduce crime and address trending issues. Enlist youth to address the issues that affect young people, making youth initiatives a real priority, not just an empty talking point. Recognize Achievement: Too often, we spend our attention on the troublemakers while failing to support those young people that are working hard to succeed & personally recognize the many achievements of youth and residents who teach, mentor and support our children. Provide Summer Jobs Programs for Youth: work with skilled labor in the city to create summer work and training programs for youth to renovate, reclaim and care for the vacant properties throughout the city.

Offices Sought N/A
Offices Held President of Youngstown City Council (August 1, 2011 to present)
Youngstown 3rd Ward City Councilman (2008 – 2010)
Youngstown City School Board Member (2004 - 2007)