Jacqueline (Jackie) Adair

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationEast High School honors graduate B.S. Combined Sciences - YSU Masters Business Administration (MBA) - YSU Notre Dame College - Middle School Math & Science
EmployerSelf-employed (preparing young adults for GED)
FamilySpouse is deceased - Ronald G. Adair

1. Dr. Regina M. Adair-Blackwell
2. Ronald Aaron Adair
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningDue to the ongoing failing state of education in Youngstown; due to the ongoing fiscal issues of the Youngstown city school district (continuous property tax levies, out of control spending, administrative salaries that are out of the norm for a district our size and for "leaders" who are not earning those salaries (see state test results), it is time for the city to elect people to the school Board who have a working knowledge of financial matters (employee contracts, benefit packages, budgets, etc.) as well as issues related to academics. I am that person!

Our students must have the best education money can buy. They will one day be the leaders of tomorrow, therefore, must be well educated!
Priorities 1. Community involvement
2. Inclusion of African and African-American history in the curriculum
3. Extension of the school day and perhaps even the school year
Qualifications1. Formal education - most importantly, Masters in Business Administration
2. Classroom experience in several school districts, including Youngstown
3. The only candidate who has regularly attended Board meeting, Fiscal Commission meetings, and meetings with Supt. Hathorn, Asst Supt. Hiscox, the previous treasurer Johnson, the current treasurer, and representatives from the state (ODE)
4. Based on all of the above I have acquired a clear understanding of the problems facing the district and what part the Board must play in correcting them!
Positions on the issues 1. Accountability - performance related, "no" employee pay increases without objective performance evaluations and without "significant" improvement in student test scores.
2. Property Taxes - No new levies without "significant" improvement in student test scores.
3. The District must be right sized. Salaries and student/teacher ratios adjusted to reflect student enrollment. Also must be comparable to other similarly situated school districts in terms of student enrollment and median incomes of Youngstown residents.
Offices Sought 2nd Ward Council - 2008
Youngstown City School Board - 2011
Offices Held None