Gregory Howard (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceAlbany, OH
EducationGraduated Kyger Creek High School in Gallia County Graduated Ohio State University with BS in Civil Engineering with Construction Management option I have attended several community colleges for skill updates.
EmployerI am self-employed. My wife and I operate a Certified Organic Farm (Gibson Ridge Farm). We have chickens for eggs; green house, high tunnel, low tunnels and garden for growing produce. The produce is primarily greens, tomatoes and blueberries. We sell at the Athens Farmers Market and occasionally to restaurants.

We also manufacture and market the Gibson Ridge Portable Egg Washer ( This is our primary income.
FamilyWife-Geraldine Howard
Daughter-Christine Northcutt
Daughter- Terry Plante
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningThis is not a time for politics as usual.

Government is not being run for the benefit of the people. Big money is in control of Government. The Politicians behave as if they are clueless. As a member of Democracy Over Corporation (affiliate of Move to Amend), for two years and a lifetime prior, I have studied the results of our government control by big money. The Supreme Court decision in 2010, Citizens United V FEC, was the last straw in eliminating our Democracy. If money is free speech, those who do not have big money have no political speech. Corporations are not people.

People need meaningful and profitable work. The meth and opiate drug epidemic among our youth points right back at the lack of work (i.e. lack of a future).

This is not a time for politics as usual. Bill Johnson's record shows who he serves. Jennifer Garrison is politics as usual.
Priorities I will sponsor and promote legislation to improve job creation and retention.
Monetary reform and the review of “Free Trade Agreements” are necessary.
Control money in politics by sponsoring “The We the People Amendment.” Money is not Free Speech. Corporations are not persons.

There are like-minded people in the Congress who wish to advance the Economy; restore Democracy to the People: promote micro/small business and entrepreneurs. I will network with them to accomplish these goals.
QualificationsFirst, I am a USA citizen and over the age of 25.

I have worked on projects as large as a billion dollars in the management team as a subcontracts administrator and construction engineer.

I have worked as far West as Nebraska and Texas and as far East as Maine and Florida. These projects were AFL-CIO and non-union. I have worked with a lot of people.

I am currently self-employed.
Positions on the issues Controlling Money in Politics: This is a bipartisan issue that needs national focus now. The 2010 Supreme Court decision "Citizen United VS FEC" stated that Corporations(a legal fiction) are persons and Money is Free Speech. This is WRONG. This will take a Constitutional Amendment to correct. The Move to Amend "We The People Amendment" is the one that I will promote and support.

The Economy: The recession created by Wall Street has no end in sight. We need to invest in the USA's infrastructure and education. We can work our way out of this recession using Monetary Reform (The Chicago Plan) to pay for the investments, pay off the national debt and control inflation.

Unemployment: If someone has been unemployed a year, they are out of money. They need help to find a new profession. Training the unemployed to return to the work force benefits us all. Government’s pay out for welfare, prisons and drug rehab is reduced. Employed people purchases' multiply in the economy and pay taxes. People need meaningful and profitable work.
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