Fred Marcum

Running for
ResidenceAustintown, OH
Education1996 Graduate of Austintown Fitch High School. Ohio Professional Firefighters certificate Ohio Certified Paramedic Various and ongoing certifications in both Fire and EMS HazMat Technician Arson Investigator Various and ongoing training in marketing and management Currently enrolled in Fire Officer School
EmployerAustintown Fire Department - IAFF Local 3356 Member
KO Lawn Care - President
Austintown Local Schools - Substitue Bus Driver
FamilyMichelle Marcum - Wonderful Wife of 13 years
Blake Marcum - Son 11
Clayton Marcum - Son 9
Alec Marcum - Son 4
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningAs a Graduate of Austintown Fitch I understand the long time standing traditions of what it means to be a FALCON. Having two children in the School District and one starting next year I feel that there are major changes that need to be made. When I had an issue with the transportation office I did not just go and complain, I became a substitute bus driver. I feel that I am now part of the solution and not part of the problem. I can and will continue this philosophy if the voters of Austintown see fit to elect me to Office.
Priorities Safety of the Students, Teachers, and Staff
Addressing the transportation issues
To re-evaluate open enrollment
Making our School District transparent to the voters
Clear and precise communications between all departments
Re-evaluation of the Wixey Network
To ensure that we are all accountable to the taxpayers of Austintown
Good stewardship of the Taxpayers Money
QualificationsI have experience not only as a union member, but a Manager as well. I am a public employee as well as a Private employer. I am fortunate to see and understand both aspects which are important in how you manage both the Administration as well as the unions.
I hold seats on several boards and I am a member of several organizations where I am required to be a team player.

Mahoning Valley 9/11 Committee
9/11 Ceremony coordinator
Board of Directors - Austintown Community Baseball
Board of Directors - Home Builders Association
Austintown Fire Department - Honor Guard

I have experience in budgeting, grant writing, managing day-to-day operations, scheduling and routing nearly 1000 customers, finances and payroll, recordkeeping, and most importantly being a good follower. You cannot effectively lead until you have had a chance to be a good follower!

I have two children currently enrolled in Austintown Local Schools. My decisions when elected will have a direct impact on their future.
Positions on the issues Safety - I am a Firefighter. Safety is a top priority. I feel that the schools are safe for the most part although there is room for improvement. I want to work closely with our Fire Department and Police Department to update and train on multiple disaster plans. Austintown Local Schools are one large campus now. We need to have a continually updated disaster preparedness plan in place at all times.

Transportation - Being a bus driver and having the first hand experience, I feel that I can greatly increase the efficiency of this department. As well as ensure that it has the appropriate resources to function properly.

Open enrollment - This is a tough issue with Austintown and I will spend an enormous amount of time with the other Board members to re-evaluate our stance on this issue.

Transparency- I would like look at changing the Board policy as well as work with the Administration and the Unions to correct language that is less than desired. I feel that as an Elected Official I should and will be readily available to the staff and community to answer questions and address concerns.

Communication - I am able to have a firsthand account of the poor communication between departments in the ALSD. I will work with Department heads to ensure that communications are clear, consice, and timely.

The Wixey Network - I believe in our Schools being a community employer, I do not like to see our hard earned monies spent outside of the community.

Accountability - I will strive to ensure that everyone, myself included, is accountable to the taxpayers and students.

Stewardship - Relates to all the above. I will strive to spend our tax dollars with the utmost concern for our children.
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